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Different Types of Banner Advertisements

Posted on 20 July 2012 | 10:58 am by

Different Types of Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements work well when you want your website to get promoted quickly. It basically involves the use of images and placing them in a format that you think would be the best to display for advertising purposes. Once this is done, you would have to upload your banner ad design to various banner networks. These networks then distribute your design across different web sites. Now, this can either be on a pay per click basis or by page impressions. All banner exchanges have different budget plans that should fit your requirements. Then there are different banner advertisements methods that you can opt for.

The traditional banner ads are usually in a rectangular format. There are different sizes to get you the desired look. The leather boards are 728 X 90 pixels, the full banners are 658 X 60 pixels and the half banners are 234 X 60 pixels. These ads run across the page taking almost the full width of the page. For ads to run down the page, sky scrapers are used. These are normal sky scrapers which are 120 X 600 pixels and wide sky scrapers that are 160 X 600 pixels. Other than these, you can even opt for micro bars, in line ads and pop up ads which are not very big and can be inserted anywhere in the page.

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