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Trump has had more staff turnover than any administration in modern history

Posted on 23 March 2018 | 8:01 pm by

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  • The first year of President Donald Trump's White House has seen more firings, resignations, and reassignments of top staffers than any other first-year administration in modern history.
  • His Cabinet turnover exceeds that of any other administration in the last 100 years.

President Donald Trump rocketed to reality TV stardom for his love of two words: "You're fired!" And he seems to have brought his penchant for terminating employees to Washington.

Trump's senior staff turnover (not including Cabinet secretaries) in year one was over three times higher than Obama's.

Senior staff turnover (not including Cabinet secretaries) during Trump's first year was higher than the last four presidents' first two years, but hasn't reached former President Ronald Reagan's yet.

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson served just 424 days in office, the shortest of any of his recent predecessors.

John Kelly left the department of Homeland Security to become White House chief of staff in July, making his tenure at the helm of DHS the shortest since the agency's founding in 2002.

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price had the shortest tenure of any HHS chief in history.



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