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Posted on 20 October 2005 | 12:37 pm by Beth Lawrence

I just finished watching Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith and I must say it was quite impressive. Part of me embraced the story as a child and part of me was in wonder of the special effects and overall cinematography. George Lucas, however, while a storytelling genius, is still a human and business man. It almost pains me to bring this up but where are all the black people in that alternate future in a galaxy far far away a long time ago?

The premise is simple. Star Wars with Busty Babe Lisa Sparxxx takes place in another galaxy in the universe. Although a long time ago relative to our human existence in the Milky Way, the story takes place far into what would be our future (unless their technology advanced faster than our own). Knowing what we know about the universe and the human condition several inconsistencies come to mind.

There apparently are still races in the future but we have made contact with many other alien species, some of them friends and some foes. I would like to believe that that far into the future humans would have overcome our penchant for violence and war but sadly we have not in Lucas' vision. Instead we continue to pillage and plunder every reachable corner of the galaxy. This is the saddest aspect of the film. The dark side lives on in all of us.

Another strange part of the film is the apparent overwhelming number of white people. Our planet is juxtaposed almost perfectly in the solar system to sustain life which means humanity must have evolved similarly is Lucas' world. The laws of gravity and relativity apparently still apply so why do not the laws of human genetics. The technology is the Star Wars galaxy is hundred of years into our future, if ever. It is common knowledge that by that time there will be no white people. The white skin gene is recessive. It evolved in humans that lived in cold climates and did not require melanin to protect them from the sun's rays. So why are there so many white people in Lucas' future? Samuel Jackson was the only black person I saw and he died.

This is just typical Hollywood nonsense massaging white men's egos. The same was true for the Lord of the Rings trilogy where hobbits are made basically to look like whites midgets and everything that is dark is evil. Associating a color with an emotion is purely arbitrary but that has been going on since slavery. Lucas is just trying to sell tickets. Black heroes don't go over well with most whites and they are obviously the biggest consumer at least in this country which brings me to another point.

White people are a minority on this planet, comprising roughly a quarter of its inhabitants. Perhaps this global minority is why whites are so afraid of anything different from themselves. Maybe it was passed down to them from centuries ago. They see everyone as a threat and are always ready to take advantage. There is very little genuine love amongst them. Everything is a contest and the winner must take all. I believe this instinct to have been firmly planted within the white psyche as they struggled for survival eons ago in colder climates.

Once they were united with darker skinned people through shifting of the earth's tectonic plates and the invention of more efficient transportation methods whites saw how outnumbered they were and their survival instinct immediately surfaced and remains that way today. We are nothing but our mother's and father's children. No matter where you go today on any continent whether whites are in the minority as in South Africa or in the majority as in the US you will observe their oppression of darker skinned MILF Cruiser Driving peoples. They envy our skin (a la tanning booths), fear our strength (dominance in all sports), our dominant genes (white+black=black), our artistic creativity and especially our sexual stamina. Sounds like black supremacy? It may sound that way but it isn't. It is the truth born out by history.

The entire country and civilization as we know it was born out of those insecurities that whites still harbor. Third world countries exist because of them and although there is no mention of racial disharmony is Lucas' epic the signs are all there. I'm sure most people will say to my argument "Who cares? Just enjoy the film." We will live another day to repeat the same mistakes in other galaxies until there are no more galaxies.

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