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Hotfix 3 for GIS ObjectLand 2.6.9 released

Posted on 14 October 2009 | 11:20 am by

Hotfix 3 for version 2.6.9 released:

  • Fixed fatal error on copying more than one image feature (editor in theme browser).
  • Fixed inaccuracy on positioning to GDB file in GDB open dialog.
  • Fixed positioning error for reference of external query when a reference table has no records.
  • Improved positioning over start characters for reference of external query.
  • Fixed “Argument must be a Collection” error on checking integrity.
  • Workarounded bug of Access2007 ODBC driver.
  • Fixed error on saving direct link.
  • Fixed error on caching database pages.
  • Fixed “on:do:elseDo:” error on importing image features.

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