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Remote Assistance and Windows Firewall

Posted on 22 October 2009 | 9:39 am by Remote Computer Support

For Remote Assistance, the Windows Firewall is configured with a group exception. The Remote Assistance exception properties can be changed depending on the network location of the computer (private, public, or domain). The windows 7 default Remote Assistance is disabled in a public location and is stricter when the computer is in a private location. For example, in an airport, the Remote Assistance is disabled by default.

Remote Assistance default configuration in Windows Firewall varies depending on the firewall settings and profile:

• Private profile:

When the computer location is set to Private, the Remote Assistance exception in the Windows Firewall is enabled by default. For the users in a private networking environment who can solicit help from other users, it is configured for NAT traversal using Teredo by default. The private profile also includes the exact exceptions that are needed to allow communication with uPnP NAT devices. Remote Assistance will attempt to use the uPnP for NAT traversal if a uPnP NAT is in this environment.

• Public profile:

No inbound Remote Assistance traffic is permitted in this profile and the Remote Assistance exception is disabled by default. In this way Windows Firewall is configured by default to better protect users in a public networking environment . NAT traversal using Teredo is enabled when the Remote Assistance exception is enabled.

• Domain Profile:

In this profile, the Remote Assistance domain exception is geared toward the Offer Remote Assistance scenario when the computer is in a domain environment. In Windows 7, this exception is enabled by default and is managed via Group Policy. Corporate networks typically have a corporate firewall that blocks Teredo UDP traffic. So, Teredo is not enabled in this profile.

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