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I enhanced my knowledge while availing tech support for Microsoft products!

Posted on 26 April 2011 | 9:54 am by

Hi! I am Bowon Seo and I am a Project Manager in an MNC. I live in South Dakota. Recently, I approached a tech support company to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my laptop. I came to know about this company while I was searching the Internet for the ways and tips to upgrade Windows XP running on my laptop. While going through the official website of the company, I came to know that this company provides tech support for different computer and software brands. This company also provides tech support for Microsoft products. I also found that they not only provide support for upgrading Windows, but also provide support for Microsoft Office installation. I got a toll free number from their official website and later called on that number.
On learning that I wanted tech support for Microsoft Windows XP upgrade, the lady who picked my call, asked me to which version of Microsoft Windows I wanted to upgrade. She also explained me the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading Microsoft Windows. As I wanted to upgrade to Windows 7, I asked her how Windows 7 would be useful to me. She explained me the benefits in such a lucid manner that I was really impressed. Using Windows 7, one could access files and folders quickly. She told me that I could simply drag the border of the windows to resize and arrange them. It is also very easy to connect to networks easily in three clicks of the mouse.
After the discussion, the lady finally accessed my laptop via the Internet and checked the system configuration and specification. She told me that checking system configuration and system specifications before performing the upgrade is very important. According to her, if a system doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, there would be compatibility issues and that would make working on the system extremely difficult. So, one has to be very careful while installing any software on the system. When the upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 was over, I paid an amount prescribed by him for the support for Microsoft. It was a very small sum of money and I did not mind paying as I was really happy with their tech support. Thanks for the support!
Bowon Seo is a Project Manager in a private company. Recently, he was helped by a Tech support company to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 on his laptop. He narrates his experience of getting support for Microsoft products.

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