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The Cool Club of Internet Marketing

Posted on 18 July 2008 | 7:46 pm by The Mad Marketer

Lately as I read the sales page of a lot of these "Internet gurus" I have gotten really pissed off. You know why? Because they are all in this elite cool club that I can't get into. Or at least that's what they want you to believe.

That seems to be a new marketing tactic. In the sales page or video they talk about what they just did with their fellow gurus or about how much fun they had at a recent seminar where only elite marketers go to. It gives you the feeling that you are missing out on something. They want you to feel that if you buy their product you can be just like them. You can have all that fun too. You can have those billionaire gurus as your best friend too. Yes you too can be in the "cool club"!

Come on, give me a break. I'm not saying that they will never be your friend. I suppose that if you did spend the money to go to one of those fancy seminars you would meet some of them. In fact you might have a pleasant conversation. But is that really going to change your life?

When you are thinking about buying an Internet marketing product there should only be one question you should ask yourself. You shouldn't be thinking "Will I get more friends if I buy this?" or "Will I be a millionaire if I buy this?". The only question you should ask yourself is "Will this product improve my business?". Just think about that. Does that product teach you something you don't already know or you couldn't find out on your own? A lot of time when the gurus say they have a secret, its not really a secret. If you spend the time of analyzing your competition and testing your advertising then you will come to know the same so called secrets.

Anyways that is my two cents worth. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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