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Bible Christian games are fun to do especially among youth groups and young Christians. Although there are plenty of games available out there, there are quite a few that are really popular among young folks.

Ice Breaker Christian Games

One of the most popular would have to be the Icebreaker questions. There are many kinds of Icebreaker questions out there. Each one is designed to have a different topic so you can go ahead and choose one that best suits your taste.

For example, you have the Ten Commandments ice breaker. In order to play this game, you simply write the Ten Commandments first on a large board and recite each aloud.

After that, ask each individual participating in your activity on which commandment they find as most important and why. When asked, some people might take a minute or two to think about their answer.

If you want to add more excitement or have the game become more daring, inquire from each individual on which commandment they have broken first.

Another type of ice breaker is the Elevator Speech game. Before starting on your activity, you can ask people to describe how their day was in a minute or so. This will help to loosen up the mood of the people participating in the gathering.

This is also ideal in order to know more about how people's day went and probably make it a conversation piece or opener later on.

As you can see, Christian games for both the young and old are available for you to enjoy.

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