Are all Water Ionizers The Same? Who’s Better?

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What’s the Top Water Ionizer For The Money?

Posted on 16 March 2010 | 3:46 pm by

Our latest study we decided to test the Top level water ionizers and see if they are all really the same . We tested 6 water ionizers in this case study and they were the ORP, Orion, Athena, Melody Enagic and Rejuvenator.
What we looked for in our test:
· Accurate PH levels as indicated
· Taste of water
· Price
· Overall value
{Many questions arise every time when purchasing) water ionizers. The consumers concern when purchasing a water ionizer is if they are as good as the pricier ones. The good news is that our study shows that all water ionizers perform pretty much the same .All the ionizers did their task by changing PH levels as indicated on the LCD screen. In the end what you are really looking for is the PH level in your water. All the water ionizers did a wonderful job in removing contaminants and odor in the drinking water. Out of all the ionizers tested the ORP
water ionizer
did the best in the filtration process because of its 4 filter unit. The ORP water ionizer had the best tasting water out of the group.

Final Results:
The leader in these tests was the ORP Water ionizer. It may be the least expensive of the group but out did them with their QUAD pre filter process and they also included a faucet that can be used if needed. The value for this water ionizer is better than the pricy models! First off they have a LIFTIME warranty on their water ionizers and free shipping in the USA .ORP water ionizer ships worldwide as most ionizer companies do not offer worldwide shipping.Most appealing factor is the cost!The price is under $800! When I saw the price I couldn't believe it, I thought it was to good to be true! Best warranty on the market with 3 superior external pre filter system(1 internal total 4) that last 3 years. With accessories, and a price tag of only $799, it is a no brainer!
If you are planning to purchase a water ionizer soon that has quality and affordability factor,then you must get the ORP water ionizer.This is the best deal out there based on our sdtudy! For more info on ORP water ionizer please visit their website .

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