How to Travel Across America on a Harley Davidson Bike

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The Best Way To Journey Across America on a Harley Davidson Bike

Posted on 4 April 2010 | 3:47 am by (Grant West)

Imagine hopping on a large fat Harley Davidson bike. While you turn the key, the motorcycle starts to rumble and your adrenaline begins to flow. With the wind on your face and pavement below your feet, you hit the street for an adventure of a lifetime.

You'll also wish to pick up a copy of "Riding the World" by Gregory Frazier. This unique book offers professional traveling guidance to motorcycle riders and contains color pictures, with sections on routes, bike preparation, sleeping, eating, what to take, and whether to go it alone.

You do not require to own a Harley Davidson bike to embark on a escape across America. There are many companies that permit riders to lease almost any model of Harley Davidson motorcycle. Riders can rent a motorcycle everyday, weekly, or monthly.

Ride Free of charge Motorcycle Tours are designed to provide life altering travel experiences. Ride Free offers a variety of tours such as a cruise from L.A.

The Sturgis Rally started in 1938 and has grown to become a global motorcycle event that attracts more than 500,000 bike enthusiasts each year.

EagleRider Bike Rental has a nationwide network of areas where you are able to choose from the world's largest rental inventory of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Whilst EagleRider specializes in motorcycle tours of San Francisco and Northern California, in addition they provide tours to destinations across america. Riders can escape for any weekend or participate in a month-long cross nation tour.

When traveling on a bike, the very first thing you should realize is you'll have to pack lightly and include only the basic essentials. Pack a little travel bag for individual items and include travel size bottles of every thing required. Choose products that have numerous uses such as an Army knife.

Take clothing that is versatile, easy to care for, and requires little room. Bring along sealable storage bags or plastic material grocery bags to shop filthy clothes or dispose of any trash.

If you will be camping out, you can use the luggage rack or passenger seat to maintain camping gear.

If you are riding your own motorcycle, take it in for a thorough check-up before heading out on an extended vacation. If you are renting a motorcycle, request the representative to show you the written maintenance record on the motorcycle prior to taking it out on the street.

Always chart your course so that you know where gas stations, restaurants and camping facilities are situated. Leave a copy of the route with a buddy or family member and maintain a map and compass handy so you do not get lost on the street or while camping.

Harley Davidson bikes are one-of-a-kind bikes, created for that ultimate driving encounter.

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