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What is Airsoft? updated Thu Nov 28 2013 2:09 am EST

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PHYLLIS HOLLAND Originated in Japan, Airsoft is a sport or hobby which uses airsoft products like guns, weapons, accessories, belts, etc to defeat opponents in the mock-battle games. These are used for governmental training purposes and for commercial sales too, for individual hobbyists. Airsoft gaming is an addictive sport which engages people of all ages and occupations to come together and fight alike. The core motto is to finish all the enemies by hitting them with the air soft pellets. Using these Airsoft guns and ammunitions is mostly legal throughout America other than a few cities like Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. However, according to the federal law requirements, all guns sold have to have orange tips to tell between original weapons and airsoft weapons, especially for public display of such. The guns use RC car type rechargeable batteries. The batteries run the entirely automatic guns for many rounds of shooting per charge. These guns shoot soft (air soft pellets) with either propane gas power or electric motors which would push air out from the piston system. It has gradually spread into different corners of the world especially the United States of America, China, Japan and UK. Though it started out being a predominant seller of airsoft weapons will to know you what is airsoft and accessories, now it specializes in every aspect of an airsoft product; right from its marketing to guiding airsoft consumers an after-sales guide online.

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