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'Big Bird's Play House' a place for kids to learn and have fun on Staten Island

Posted on 5 December 2013 | 5:37 am by

Looking for work and familiar with how day care centers work, Linda Indelicato decided to start one out of her home.

“I figured I’d do this for a few months,” she said, referring to a time when she lived in New Springville.

Twenty-two years, nine classrooms and a roster of programs later, Big Bird’s Play House is still going strong.

“I guess it was my calling,” said Ms. Indelicato, who has, since 1991, impacted thousands of children’s young minds.

Based on Richmond Avenue in Bulls Head since the mid 1990s, the location offers day care, pre-kindergarten, pre-school, summer camp, and after-school programs to children. About 220 youngsters are enrolled at the site during any given month, said Ms. Indelicato.

The younger a child starts to learn, the more noticeable the impact, she said.

“At an early age, it makes a big difference,” said Ms. Indelicato, whose multi-use site accepts children as young as 3-months-old.

When it comes to early education, the trick is getting children to have fun and not realize they’re learning when they really are, especially in the pre-school program. she said.

“They learn through their stories and hands-on crafts and music. They also have a dance class incorporated with that,” she said, adding interaction with others is key. “They’re getting prepared for kindergarten. They’re learning, but having fun.”

For babies as young as 3-months-old, licensed teachers and assistants sing to them and play music. Children a little older work with Play-Doh.

“They learn that structure where they can follow directions,” said the founder.

At Big Bird’s Play House, program schedules and age groupings vary, but one thing stays the same: The children are always busy.

“The parents like that,” said Ms. Indelicato, who noted breakfast, lunch, a snack and a variety of activities take place on a daily basis. “Families want to know their kids are in a good, healthy environment.”

Summer camps often involve trips to museums, sporting events, and parks.

In addition, Big Bird’s Play House has an efficient security system that includes cameras and secure door access.

“It’s important to know you’re always watching them,” said Ms. Indelicato.

Each day provides a different challenge, explained the owner, but even if one day is more difficult than another, the job is very rewarding, she said.

“You make a difference in their lives,” she said.

For more information, visit or call 718-982-0550. Big Bird’s Play House is located at 1859 Richmond Ave.


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