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E-Liquid Subscription: Tar, Smoke And Foul Smell Free Solution With Exciting Flavors

Posted on 8 November 2013 | 8:47 am by

Are you a smoker? If yes, then undoubtedly, you are consuming tar and sprawling foul smell and smoke all around. As, we all know the fact that “Health is Wealth”, but you are deteriorating this wealth of yours by in taking the harmful chemicals. How amazing it would be if you can have a better alternative than regular cigarettes? Sounds Impossible? But now, it is possible with the Electronic Cigarettes offered by iGreenVape. So, if you are worried about your loved ones, gift them this finer option.

This smokeless cigarette satisfies your curb and craves for tobacco. But, what actually E-cigarette is? It is just a tar-and smoke-free product that has no foul smell. This battery powered device is much better than other conventional cigarettes. Moreover, it is a Vaporized Cigarette that is incorporated with an electronic inhaler to emit vaporized nicotine doses. It will easily led you get rid of harmful chemicals and tar. Some of the advantages of E-Cigarettes are:

  • Environmental friendly.
  • No ash and cigarette butt
  • Free from foul smell
  • Easily disposable

A subscription is one step action in which you can subscribe anything for a desired time interval. Same is the case in E-cigarettes offered by iGreenVape. At this organization, the top-notch quality and convenient kits of E-cigarettesare available. This subscription fulfills the monthly E-liquids need I.e. 4 bottles and it comes along with a cartomizer. This monthly subscription benefit can be reaped to the duration of six months i.e Gold subscription. The E-Liquid Subscription is available in different flavors. And, these exciting flavors can be changed anytime in between except in the case of Gold series. In addition to this you can also terminate it in between any time, without any obligatory terms and conditions. So, without wasting anytime avail the opportunities from iGreenVape.com for obtaining optimum benefits.

E-Liquid is a high-end liquid prepared from the best ingredients. It is available in different exciting flavors in 11mg and 18 mg pack. Different E Liquid Flavors are as follow:

  • Expresso: It has tempting flavor and smell.
  • Blast: It is refreshing flavor that will easily remove your tiredness with a single puff.
  • Red Tobacco: Offers you taste of real one cigarette.
  • Spearmint: Offers you the taste and smell of the spearmint that is perfect in itself.
  • Chocolate: It has a great taste.
  • Fruit Mix: A perfect blend of real fruits.
  • Menthol Tobacco: The refreshing menthol leaves offers you a great phenomenal taste.
  • Caramel Mocha: For those who curb for caramel mocha.

So, always select theElectronic Cigarette that features a refreshing yet tasty E Cigarette Juice. As, it is the juice only that vaporizes when heated up, the iGreenVape E-cigarette is smokeless, odorless and tar free. For any further details about the E-Liquid Subscription and its benefits you can surf the iGreenVape.com.

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