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Desi aunties busty ladies super hot housewifes Experiences in Hyderabad

Posted on 11 May 2015 | 4:59 pm by Monika Nandi

Desi aunties busty ladies super hot housewifes Experiences in Hyderabad

Unbelievable Experience,Desi aunties busty ladies super hot housewifes Experiences in Hyderabad

Seen many blondes and brunettes in US, but this is the best Indian experience I had so far.

I always liked light skinned busty / not so skinny girls. Someone known to me arranged a Muslim Married (High 20's) girl. The person who arranged told me not to be rough and to be patient with her. Reached the place. When I entered the room, sheslowly removed her veil. Beautiful face.

When she undressed, I got a heart attack. Very fair, slightly busty, thick thighs and slightly protruding Buttocks. If any one remembered Nagma, she had a similar skin and body type. Not a model type.

She just laid down closed her eyes let me do to it. She gave a BBJ and I did the rest. It's almost like a dream at the end.

Only down side is she is little shy and not aggressive but responds well but this is what I like. After talking to her, I realized that she got married but away from Husband. Didn't go into details. After being a gentleman and giving a good tip, she gave her number hesitantly after making sure I won't call her at odd hours and bother her.

Talked to her few more times this weekend and she mentioned that she had a friend with similar figure, slightly bustier and shorter but since she doesn't have a place yet, she asked me to wait.

She asked me not to share the number for now until she got comfortable with me and to this.

I have been trying for this kind of contact for last two years and it finally it panned out.

Please don't ask for the number. I will share it with few seniors once she tells me that it's OK, after few more visits. Just don't want to ruin a good thing going.

MILF experience

Hey everyone,

This is my first review in the ISG.

Last week I have visited a MILF referred by SP / backpage. His number ends with 201. She is a married aunty stay in dilsukhnagar but her service in filmnagar only on day time. Age is around 30. She was in red saari and looked neat and clean. She is quite cooperative and carry great attitude. She supported lot, did blow job and supported for lip kiss, etc. I had 30 min good FK.

Unfortunately, I have deleted her photos. SP will send you the photos in Whatsapp.

Here is my review:


Attutude: 7 (Decent talk and cooperative).

Body: 6 (sexy boobs and average figure).

Sex: 6.

Cost:2 K /1 shot and Rs 200 tip (after the FK).

Desi aunties busty ladies super hot housewifes Experiences in Hyderabad

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