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Fatcow – What do you get out of your package with them?

Posted on 29 October 2013 | 11:37 am by

In starting an online business, one has to have a business partner in order to make sure that the business gets going without him getting worried that anytime will just be out of the line. This is what online business should avoid. In order for your business to get going without the hassle of getting server issues, you will have to look for a business partner in the form of web hosting, in order to make sure that your business has the requirements of a competitive site. It is of much importance that your website and your web hosting partner is able to keep up with what’s new in the online business world in order for you to keep up with the competition among your competitors. This is because, the moment that your website gets invisible to your possible customers, the tendency of them turning towards your competitors and check on their services. The moment that your competitors will be able to give them what they wanted, they would go and sign up for their services. Given this scenario, you have lost one customer. With consistent downtime, not only will you loose your customers but you will loose your online business as well because your website will be tagged as invalid due to inactivity.


Among the many web hosting services available right now, Fatcow is one name that stands out among its competitors. They have been in the business for over 13 years which can assure you that they have already gained their reputation through the years. They have undergone several service revisions in order to stay as competitive as their competitors. Through the years of working on in order to stabilize their servers, they can now assure you of a 99.9% server stability. What are the things that Fatcow can give you if you subscribe to their service? With your Fatcow plan, you get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and mailboxes. Not only that, you will also be given a free domain name in which you can name your site, under your name or according to the kind of business or products that you have. Together with the free domain name, you will also be given a free email address. You will be able to have a personal email address for your website to show that you own the site.  To mak things even to the novice ones, they also have a free website builder where you can have all your business needs incorporated. They have a drag and drop kind of website builder in order for you to easily upload the images of your merchandise to your website, you can also add the shipping cart for the products that your customers would buy when they visit your site, and the most important thing is the part of your website wherein they can process the payment for the items they bought from your site via Paypal. They also have free credit ads for you in the different popular search engines.image

With Fatcow’s credibility, you will never have doubts on what they can do for you and for your business. Give them a call now and you might be given a discount in line with their current promotion. 

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