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Posted on 13 August 2014 | 9:33 am by

5 great Short films you have to see !

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I really love watching some short films in my spare time, so why not share the ones that I love with you ! It would be great if you could also comment with what short film is your favourite, I'm always up for watching them.


I first watched this short film while stumbling through You-tube and I fell straight in love with it. The cinematography is great and the performances really do make you laugh at certain points. The story is very cleaver, and certainly is a feel-good short film. I think the music suited it very well as well, as it matched the editing; which was also very well structured. Patrick Hughues did a very great job and I’m excited to see more of his work. Its a 10/10 I recommend it a lot.

    #2 The Black Hole

    This short film is only three minutes long , however it is as much as necessary to describe man’s greediness . I imagine that as soon as you could get anything , you would still continue to want .
    This is a very simple but cleaver short film, I do have to say that I love it.

    #3 Plastic

    by Sandy Windyanata

    This shows how you should love who you are, as people love you who you are too. I found this short film very touching, and it carries a very important message. It was filmed beautifully too, the producers did a really great great job.

    #4 Identity Short Film

    This is a great Inspirational video .. Just be who you really are and embrace it. Don’t let society define who you are or force you into doing things. The truth is already inside you and you know who you really are.
    Very cleaver short film.

    #5 How English sounds to Non-English speakers

    English is my second language so I did know what it was like to not understand English. Its so weird to watch this now and see what I use to hear all the time. This is very interesting I recommend watching it.

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