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Diabetes Symptoms in Teens

Posted on 26 September 2014 | 1:04 pm by


Diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas doesn’t make sufficient insulin. Insulin is the hormone that transforms sugar of our blood into energy to run all the biological mechanisms in our body.
Diabetes is generally classified in two types. The first type is formerly known as juvenile diabetes, as well as there is another type. Teenagers and Children can get affected by both.
But with first kind of diabetes, diabetes symptoms in teens advance quickly within a short period of time.
Symptoms of Diabetes
Symptoms of diabetes of first type has been observed in teens, children and adults as well. Some common symptoms are listed below;

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Diabetes syptoms in Teens
Urination and thirst
One of the initial symptoms of diabetes in youths is extreme thirst. In the blood, the levels of sugar build up as well as grab fluids from every tissue that leaves a teen feeling dehydrated. As the teen continues to consume water, there is an increase in urination.

A teenager might get extremely hungry as the sugar isn’t turns into energy supposed to be one among diabetes symptoms in teens. The body uses fat that is stored until it is run down.

Weight Loss
When there isn’t sufficient sugar to change into energy, fat reserves is used by the body for energy. So a diabetic teenager loses muscle and weight.
A teenager who is suffering from diabetes does not possess energy. It is mainly due to the blood sugar that is not processed properly and results in fatigue.

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Vision Problems
Some people suffer from blurry eyesight’s as particular diabetes symptoms in teens because the body’s high sugar levels draw fluid from the tissues, comprising the eyes lenses.

Treatment for Diabetes
Most teens who are suffered from diabetes need insulin cure. A doctor can fix a specific routine that addresses your teen's insulin needs. Currently, there are many options of treatment of controlling insulin. Doses of insulin those act fast can be controlled at daytime and at night a dosage that acts slowly. A child's insulin necessities will change as she or he gets older, it is necessary to monitor diabetes symptoms in teens very closely.

Guidance to parents to help their children
It is easy for you to help your teen or child to treat diabetes by offering support. It is easy to get the information about the illness to identify sickness of kids and use proper ways to avoid the symptoms of its growth. Sometime people need to take responsibilities to inject insulin in the body of their child.
It is also necessary for you to identify the symptoms and signs of diabetic acidosis, low blood sugar and how to reply quickly. It is necessary to be sure that sugar is available anytime in any house, whether it's juice or fruit. Remember, you’re also the chief source of interaction for other persons who might help to supervise your child's diabetes like teachers, doctors and family members.
Teens and children are generally affected by first type. Diabetes symptoms in children and teens include fatigue, thirst and hunger. If you identify that your kid has symptoms of diabetes, then go online and check an informative site that provide knowledge of everything related to diabetes symptoms in teens.

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