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Forest of Flowers Natural Communion Open House Memorial Weekend

Posted on 20 May 2014 | 11:54 pm by darlene

Toward the end of May Enchanting Run gets ready for a Wedding Feast.   Her greenery has been profusely regenerating for a couple months and has gone from the faintest light green to luminescent day-glow greens as bright as little suns.  Now the shade is darkening a bit more as the warmth comes to stay and then the Laurels bloom. Mountain Laurel grows everywhere in the forest of the Earthwalk Retreat and along Enchanting Run where they get a little more light, and every year they bloom prolifically, decorating Grandmother Stone’s Lagoon, as if it were a wedding banquet. Here is the perfect expression of the Earth in her aspect as Maiden or Bride as we move around the sacred wheel of the seasons. The laurel flower is five sided which is also the numerological expression of completion of nature in the pentagram.   This flower is associated with the goddess traditions and the divine feminine sensibilities on earth.  As a Medicine Wheel, The five pointed star represents the unity of all facets of the world into one divine expression. According to Walker, the Pentacle was based on the symbol of the Goddess Kore that is hidden in the heart of an apple. She writes, “…the pentacle or pentagram was worshipped by Pythagorean mystics who called it Pentalpha: the birth-letter interlaced five times. Its meaning was given as ‘life’ or ‘health.’ Some called it the star of Ishtar or of Isis, or of Isis’s underworld twin, Nephthys. In Egypt the five-pointed star represented the underground womb.” (Barbara Walker, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p 782)  These are interesting associations to this flower and its sinuey wood that is also very tough but feminine.  It is impossible to break a branch in two.  All these things she teaches or speaks but the real deal is only by close encounters, in person, here in the forest.  Soooo Pleae join me over Memorial Weekend for a Forest Flower Natural Communion Open House from 11 – 7 Saturday and 11-4 Sunday.  A great way to discover what the Earthwalk Retreat has to offer you.  Please call by Friday to rsvp at 540 752 5540.  I can give you suggestions on what to bring depending on your eta and let you know what is going on and where to find me. Come join us at the open house and take in this feast for the senses.  Learn the art of “forest bathing” or natural communion and wade in the creek or walk to the river. Please join me this May 24 and 25 for an open house retreat and Natural Communion.  RSVP on my Meetup and/or by phone 540 752 5540

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