Can you really trust stem cell storage for saving life?

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How to save life by stem cell storage?

Posted on 4 July 2015 | 8:16 am by

Banking of cord blood involves the collection of blood that is found in the umbilical cord of newborn’s plus from the placenta and stores it for any of the future medical use. Cord blood mainly contains the cells that are lifesaving called as stem cells- the stem cells of the blood cord is different from the stem cells of embryonic.

How blood cord is collected?

Blood cord can be collected just after the birth. The process of collection is totally painless as well as totally safe for your baby and you. As a fact it is that painless and quick that when parents first hold their baby and bonds with them, they even don’t get to know that the cord blood is collected and that’s how it’s done.

Stem Cell Storage Benefits

There are many benefits of stem cell storage.

• Blood cord is a very rich source of stem cells blood. As we know that the stem cells are also called as building blocks of the immune system as well as blood. They have the ability to get develop as cells of other types for repairing blood vessels, organs, tissue and are used to treat a variety of disease host.

• If the patients as the condition of leukemia, for example mainly chemotherapy is used for getting rid of the diseased cells of the body so that the production of normal blood cell get too restored. If a whole treatment gets fails or by chance disease reoccurs, then doctor prefers to do transplants of stem cells. 

Stem cells transfusion is done from the bone marrow, peripheral blood or blood cord by the healthy donor help by creating a new immune system and blood, giving patients full recovery with the best chances.

• Unlike bone marrow stem cells and peripheral blood, cord blood stem cells are said as immature as they don’t know how to attack the substances of foreign. It gets mush easy to do the transplants with the cord blood and get the match because stem cells of blood less reject the transfusion. All these makes blood cord more valuable resources for minorities that are ethnic, who get the hard time for finding matches of stem cells.

• Stem Cell Storage Benefits are best as the stem cells are also found in the fetal tissue, baby teeth, bone marrow and in muscles but are not every part of the body stem cells are effective like the blood cord of the newborn baby as they are said as the richest source of blood cells plus are best for treatment of many diseases.

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