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Got Bed Bugs? Read These 5 Facts to Know These Tiny Vampires Better

Posted on 6 February 2016 | 5:01 am by

Bedbugs have been infesting homes from a long time. Those who provide bed bug extermination say that every year tonnes of wood gets destroyed because of these bed bugs. These microscopic pests dwell in furniture, mostly beds, and come out to feast at night.

A lot of people however have an entirely wrong notion about these bed bugs which makes it all the more difficult to remove. So, following are some well established facts about these little nasty pests that you ought to know.

  1. Whenever a bed bug bites on you, it injects an anaesthetic so as to numb the area as a result of which you receive a relatively painless bite. This allows them to feast on your blood during the night while you are fast asleep. This numbing agent works just like an anaesthetic and makes that particular portion of your body where the bed bug has bitten completely numb to any sort of pain.
  2. Contrary to their name, bedbugs don’t just reside in beds. They can easily be traced to mattresses as well and in box springs. These tiny little parasites go back to dark and protected areas during daytime and then return to their human hosts at night. Apart from beds and mattresses, bedbugs can be found beneath carpets, inside electric outlets, in cracks and crevices and other furniture made of plastic.
  3. People often have a notion that bed bugs are easy to locate, that’s absolutely wrong. They, in fact, are the most difficult to detect and eliminate amongst all home-dwelling pests. Bedbugs go through 7 stages during their lifecycle. These different stages along with their microscopic size make them difficult to locate. Once inspection has been done people should go for bed bug extermination in Toronto for efficiently eradicating them from the very roots of your house. 
  4. Another astounding fact about a bed bug bite is that different individuals react to the bite in a different way. While some might develop small, red bumps on their skin where they are bitten, others might not notice anything on their body at all. Even allergic reaction to the bite varies drastically. However, you’ll certainly find blood and fecal stains on your bed sheet which clearly indicate that they visited.
  5. Rarely do people know, but it’s a fact that one cannot get rid of his/her bed bug problem with the help of over the counter sprays, pesticides or home remedies. Without proper inspection by professionals trained in bed bug Toronto you simply cannot get rid of them. If the experts announce after the inspection that they’ve found them, then you should go for bed bug extermination service.  

Discovering bedbugs in your property can be devastating. The mere thought that you’ve been living with them all this time is spine chilling. However, if you don’t understand the gravity of the situation, they might prove to be mentally, physically and financially exhausting. 911 bed bugs provide guaranteed bed bug extermination in Toronto. Contact us anytime to get a free quote on our services.

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