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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Posted on 11 March 2016 | 9:34 am by

Bed bugs are very small, flat wingless and tiny copper colored insects and they feed on blood of humans and animals. Bed Bugs can not fly and jump but they crawl rapidly. Mostly bed bugs hide in the day time and come out in the night. Generally they are hide in box springs, mattresses, crack and holes of walls, under wallpaper, furniture and bed frames. This is about bed bugs but the main question, from where do you get bed bugs? You will get the answer of this question in this article. 911bedbugs provide the information about bed bugs and tells you where do bed bug problems come from?

1. Second Hand Furniture: In present days, every one think about to save money. So many people buy a second hand furniture to save few bucks but they don’t have any idea that they also purchase bed bugs with their old furniture. Buying old furniture may be save your money  but you give an invitation to bed bugs into your house and you might be face any problem due to bed bugs. If you don’t have enough money and want to buy used furniture, definitely make sure that the furniture doesn’t have any bed bugs.

2. Second Hand Clothes: There is doubt that generally people used clothes of their relatives and friends. If you purchase second hand clothes for you, make sure you check clothes carefully before purchasing. If you see any sign of bed bugs, leave it immediately. With second hand clothes, you also bring bed bugs. If you are buying second hand clothes, washing all of them in high temperature before use them.

3. Visitors Or Visitants: During holidays, mostly people enjoy this time with family and friends but if you suspect bed  bugs during this wonderful time, can be cause of unnecessary stress. If your friends or visitors are coming to stay for few days and you know they have bed bugs in their house, you need to use precautions to reduce the risk of bed bugs.

4. Traveling: This is the most common way to get bed bugs problem and bed bugs are easily spread during traveling. You go on vacations and booked a five star hotel for stay. Don’t make a mistake to think that you booked luxury hotel so there can’t be any beg bugs problem. It is not important or compulsory that bed bugs are only find in low income areas. So, if you have recently been on vacations, you might be source of bed bug problem. After coming from your vacations and trip, wash your all clothes with hot water to prevent bed bugs problem.

It is very easy to bring bed bugs to your house but it is very hard to get rid of this problem. Bed bugs can survive for many years without feeding.

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