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Natural ways to kill Bed Bugs

Posted on 25 March 2016 | 9:30 am by


How To Kill Bed Bugs Without Using Severe Chemicals And Poison

Bed bugs are very common problem for every home owner. It is very difficult to get rid of bed bugs problem without getting the help of professional exterminator. If you are not able to hire an expert, use some natural way to remove them from your house. In this article 911 Bed Bugs shares some natural ways to get rid these tiny red insects. Bed bugs emergency service in Canada guide you how to kill them without using harsh chemicals.

1. Determine which rooms are afflicted: Bedrooms are the most common place where bed bugs hide mostly. You can easily find them into your own room, living room and kid’s room. These little red brown insects thrive in clothes. So, your mattresses and sofas are the principal options for them to survive. Remove bed bugs as soon as you find them otherwise they will dispersion throughout your premises.

2. Use natural pesticide: Luckily, there are many natural pesticides that you can use to remove bed bugs. These insecticide are not so expensive and non-toxic. Lavender oil is the most effective natural way to get rid of this problem. You can add few drops of lavender oil into the corners of bed and see the result. Bed bugs loathe the smell of this oil. It will destroy bed bugs and their eggs.

3. Use vacuum: Vacuum is an efficient way to get rid of this problem. Clean every single item of your house with vacuum cleaner including carpets, chairs, sofas, curtains, head board, bed stands and mattresses. Mostly bed bugs hide into sofas, curtains and mattresses. You can find them everywhere into your home.

4. Wash clothes with high temperature: High temperature is the another efficient way. High temperature kill everything from your bedding and clothes like bacteria, bed bugs and microbes. This mitigate number of bed bugs and their eggs from your clothes.

5. Steaming: There are so many things in your house that can not be washed at high temperature. Steaming is the highly efficient way to kill small red insects from those items. Steam cleaning reaches all unreachable places like cracks and corners.

6. Sealing cracks and crevices: Once you remove all bed bugs from its hiding places. Seal all cracks and crevices with caulk. Joint all the gap of cabinets and shelving.

7. Tea tree oil: Make a mixture of tea tree oil and lukewarm water. Mix it very well and put into spray bottle. Use this solution on your carpets, furniture and bed. You can spray all the linens with this mixture. In result, you will get bed bug free room.

If you notice these non chemicals tips not work properly, you need to call pest control professional. Remember one thing always, never use pesticide before read the label safety instructions.

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