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Protecting your lawn from powerful summer heat

Posted on 11 April 2016 | 5:04 am by

Some of them are love sunny and hot days and some are not like summer days and they suffer in these hot days. Many of them plants are die if the temperature rise. Here are some garden protecting tips shared by lawn care service in Calgary.


1. Keep grass longer: Lawn mowing is important but to protect your lawn from harsh summer heat, you have to keep your grass little longer to shade the roots in hot months. When you mowing your garden, make sure your mowing just cutting the grass not tearing it. One more thing, keep your mower blades sharp and high because dull mower blades just shred the grass. Due to this, grass start turn into yellow color.

2. Watering: As you know water is vital for everyone. Your lawn need more water in severe summer days. Avoid the watering at midday hours. Watering your lawn only in early morning before sun rise and in evening after sun set. It is the perfect time of watering. Be careful, don’t get it to direct flowers or leaves of plants. One more thing, more watering can also damage roots of your plants.

3. Mulching: Mulch is as important as water for your garden. Mulch protect your lawn from cold in winter and also protect from harsh heat in summer. Spread a three to four inch layer of mulch over your lawn. It save your lawn or garden soil from powerful sunlight and prevent it from drying out.

4. Don’t walk on grass: Perhaps, you cannot avoid walking on the grass. But if you walk on wet grass, you damage the grass. Walking on wet grass in the morning time is good for health but it can be damage your lovely lawn. If it is possible, avoid walking on wet grass to protect it from any damage. A little walk is good but a long walk can harmful for the health of grass. Walk on wet soil can also lead to it compaction which means keep air from getting the grass roots.

5. Don’t over fertilize: If your lawn looking stressed, too much feeding will not help. Stressed out lawns are not growing. It is best to stop fertilizing it. Extra fertilizing or too much feeding can burn your lawn. Wait until it green up again.

If you have lush green lawn in your house, these tips will help you to protect your garden or lawn from harsh summer heat. If you have any question or query regarding lawn care service, you can make a call to Lawn Father in Calgary. Our professionals are 24/7 ready to help you.

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