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How effective is waxing against unwanted body hair?

Posted on 17 August 2015 | 9:31 am by Jlounge Spa

Since previous years, waxing has been the best way to clean your body by removing unwanted hairs. Undoubtedly, these days there are many techniques to remove hairs, but numerous people prefer waxing because it is not only the simplest way but also it removes the hairs from the roots, thus giving relief for four to eight weeks depending upon the growth of the person. One can wax any part of the body area including face, arms, bikini area, legs, back, and feet. In addition, waxing in Boulder is an inexpensive method.

Usually, there are two types of waxing used to removes hair and each type of waxing has its own specific advantages as well as drawbacks. Both cold and hot wax follows same procedure in applying. The wax is heated before it is applied to the body in order. The temperature of the wax is neither too hot, nor too cold. It is heated to normal consistency and then applied using a spatula.

Therefore, before applying wax on the skin, do check the burning temperature of the wax.

Apparently, not only women follow the waxing procedure these days, but also men are coming forward to have the treatment done for their body. Earlier, men who were into athletics use to get their body waxing, but now day’s men get it done for cosmetic reasons.

After getting waxing done on your body, make sure that you follow certain procedures that is post wax treatment-

It is advisable to apply moisturizer, which is non-perfumed. Apply it on an area where waxing was done. Moisturizers that are Aloe Vera based are always good for skin.

Other than this, avoid certain activities after waxing such as swimming, sunbath, and spa.

Moreover, do not apply perfume or a deodorant to the area of wax, as it would cause you itching or burning.

In addition, never wax the area of the body that has rashes, lesions, infections, moles, sunburn, or skin abrasions.

At last, waxing is best solution or a way to remove temporary or unwanted hair. However, many experts advise you should get waxing done from professionals as they know the best techniques that how to do it. Therefore, get waxing done to make your skin look clean and glowing.

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