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10 Tips That Your Flower Delivery Perth Should Share

Posted on 26 June 2015 | 7:56 am by

Are you a regular customer of a flower delivery shop in Perth? If you are one of their valued clients for a long time, here are 10 tips that your flower delivery Perth provider should be willing to share.

1.       Never make a flower delivery order during the early mornings like 3 a.m. even if the online flower shop has a hotline for rush orders because you will be required to pay additional charges for this type of delivery.
2.       The best time to contact a flower delivery Perth service provider for your fresh flower delivery is during Monday mornings because most florists have fresh flower deliveries on this particular day from their suppliers. If you are looking for some special deals, try placing your flower arrangement order during Fridays and Saturdays because the owner might be clearing some of their inventories in order to give more room to new flower deliveries.
3.       Even if it is very tempting to place a nicely arranged flower arrangement near the window, don’t do it because you are exposing the cut flowers to the harmful rays of the sun and may cause withered flowers the next day.
4.       Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts, especially if you have established a long-term relationship with the owner of the flower shop. I’m sure he or she will be more willing to give you some incentives for being a loyal customer.
5.       To extend the beautiful appearance of cut flowers, cut the stems at least every other day. If you want to maintain their freshness put some flower preservatives that the florist provided along a flower arrangement.
6.       In case you don’t have any preservative, improvise with an ingredient normally found in every household, bleach. Combine water and few drops of bleach.
7.       Always wash the vase every time you change the water of your fresh flowers because bacteria may still thrive along the inner sides of the vase and cause contamination on the new water.
8.       If you want to check the freshness of your roses inspect the number of loose petals that have fallen on the surface. The more petals you noticed, the older the roses.
9.       Avoid cheap flower deals being sold at your local gas station because you can’t be assured if they are freshly delivered from the growers. You might be disappointed to see the petals falling off the next day. Keep in mind, these flowers may look fresh because they have been kept in a cold storage. Order with confidence to a flower delivery Perth provider if you want fresh flowers all the time.
10.   Never place a vase of fresh flowers near a tray of fruits because fruits produce ethylene gas which is believed to cause drying effect on cut flowers.

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