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What is Dislocation of Shoulder? Know Causes and Symptoms by Urgent Care Clinic

Posted on 30 May 2016 | 12:48 pm by

Shoulder joint is the most flexible and the most used joint of human body. While carrying any weight or using the arm this part is used inevitably. As such, shoulder joint bears too much of stress throughout the day. Dislocation of shoulder joint may occur due to many reasons, but in any case it should be treated at the earliest. Otherwise, the problem may worsen further. The dislocation may be partial or complete. A partial dislocation or sub luxation is a condition when humerus comes out of the socket or glenoid partially. On the other hand, a complete dislocation occurs when it is out of socket completely. Both partial and complete dislocation cause pain and unsteadiness in the shoulder.       Causes Dislocation of shoulder may be caused by: Trauma – Mainly due to sudden accidents and sudden fall, the injury on the shoulder may cause dislocation. Sports Injuries – In sports like wrestling, boxing, cricket, tennis and hockey shoulder dislocation occurs frequently. Some other sports where the players need to fall from height like gymnastics and pole vault, shoulder dislocation is also quite common. In an Urgent Care Clinic Newark, doctors get to the root of the cause before starting the treatments.     Symptoms Some common symptoms in dislocation of shoulder are swelling, numbness, bruising, and weakness of shoulder etc. The dislocation can occur in any direction; in an Urgent Care Clinic Weehawken doctors detect the type of dislocations that have taken place before applying ‘closed reduction’ process. In most cases, pain and swelling is relieved greatly once the shoulder joint is placed back.

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