Know! how to solve the drying problems with tumble dryers

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How to Solve the Drying Problems with Tumble Dryer

Posted on 7 June 2016 | 8:29 am by Quick Clean Pvt. Ltd.

Drying clothes is difficult as lack of space or certain weather condition like winter or rainy season, especially when you have the big amount of clothing and you can’t hang these inside 
Commercial Tumble Dryers
the house. So Tumble drying machines can help to tackle these issues and speed up your entire laundry operations. The rotating drum inside the Tumble dryer, tumble and passes the hot air through the clothes to evaporate the moisture and make the clothes dry.

Varieties in Tumble Drying Machines
Tumble dryers mainly come with two variations first one is called the Condenser, which keeps the yielded steam in the water tank and can be emptied when it full so it requires the less space, Second is Vented Dryer, which constantly replace the moist air with fresh air, so it needs to install in open place for sufficient air passage. Spin Dryer and Washer Dryer are also the other variations of Tumble Dryers which considered the energy efficient and best for the smaller load, so these are not suitable for the commercial use.
There are numbers of brands like Whirlpool, Electrolux, LG, Bosch, Hoover etc. are introducing their highly efficient range of professional laundry equipment and commercial tumble dryers with new features like digital display for humidity level, electronic sensors, and timer controls. All the products are well covered by warranty and after sale service options.

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