Energy audit: Rules, Procedure & Importance

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Energy audit: Rules, Procedure & Importance

Posted on 20 August 2016 | 2:57 pm by Mahek Arora

Energy is the blood line of any Industry. It is also one factor that demands the highest investment to run the entire production smoothly and effectively. With the Industrial Automation regime becoming really popular, each and every company has machines for performing the functions related to the production effectively. The energy audit or energy analysis assures optimization and verification of the energy resource of any industrial plant.

In lay man's language, it is a task that calculates the total consumption of energy in any industrial firm and devises effective plans to minimize it ultimately profiting the owner. Energy analysis has become an action priority for the Industries in order to enhance sustainability and has effective profit making.

Rules & Procedures:

The first step for this audit is hiring an Energy auditing firm in India. They are the professionals who are well versed with the rules and procedures. They provide technological solutions for data collection of the energy consumption. The data is used to make an energy profile of the production house. It is a task that must be done by a professional only and there are many Energy auditing firms in India to choose from. You must hire a bee accredited energy auditing firm for your production plant energy audit.


It offers the company to contribute towards the environment by minimizes their energy consumption. The economical advantages of this audit need no introduction as it is obvious that lesser consumption of energy will ensure the better profits and a healthy balance sheet.
It also lets the employer calculate the actual productivity of the plant with the minimal resource utilization. The energy audit enables to find out any prospective malfunction of the processes and helps out in managing the energy peaks.

Though you may easily perform an energy audit on your own but the effectiveness and the authenticity of the audit reports remain in doubts. It is always better to hire a professional Energy auditing firm in India who would get assured reports regarding your production plant’s total energy consumption and the ways to effectively and efficiently minimize this use.

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