The Power Of Network Monitoring

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Network Monitoring and Its Importance for the IT Department of Your Business

Posted on 6 January 2017 | 11:39 am by

A network administrator can quickly address problems which can put your company’s network infrastructure in jeopardy. However, the best one will go the extra mile and use a dependable network monitoring solution for a proactive identification, interception and prevention of issues.

Why You Should Care about Network Monitoring

Network monitoring will serve as your ears and eyes, which will alert you to any problems on your network. It will be easy for you to keep track of things such as software installations, printer supplies, contract due dates, hard drive space and just about everything you can think of as far as your network is concerned.

An extensive majority of issues which can happen in a network have a direct relation to something changing. The most reliable network monitoring solutions are not just going to alert you of these changes but at the same time, will help you in troubleshooting the problem through letting you compare the current state of your network with what it was like prior to the change. This way, solving the problem will be faster.

Proactive IT professionals set up network monitoring systems to alert them through text message or email every time an issue arises. It will not just keep them on top of possible problems for them to address these as quickly as possible but it will also prevent them from making an issue. Also, this kind of proactive problem solving will make a household favorite with people, starting from your boss down to your customers.

What to Look for in Network Monitoring Solutions

Although all networks are different, there are four aspects that the best of the best services can do:

Monitor PC supplies and hardware – A main component in network monitoring is being able to determine when changes have been made to network devices. You must be alerted if there is low disk space, adding or removing of disks, lost connectivity in devices or low toner for you to address problems right away.

Monitor software – It is not just about keeping track of installations and removal on computers as there is more to monitoring your software than what meets the eyes. Only experts know how to keep track of installations, note the licenses about to expire and other similar activities.

Web traffic monitoring – Employees can only share a limited bandwidth amount in a network. An efficient network monitoring setup can make you see where bottlenecks take place and how evenly devices have been distributed.

Keep track of IT services information – There are plenty of things on your network that you want to track which might not be physical objects, like noting the expiry of IT service contracts. This is not something that you will think right away when you work with a network monitor yet this can offer extra benefits like helping your business save money. Through providing you lots of advanced notice regarding the set expiration of IT contracts, you give yourself plenty of time for shopping around and doing your research to get the finest deals.

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