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Anna University UG PG Practicals,Theory, Project and Viva-Voice Examinations - Schedule OCT/NOV/DEC 2016 AND JAN.2017

Posted on 2 September 2016 | 6:00 am by

Anna university ug exam schedule

Anna university UG PG Practicals schedule 2016
Anna university UG PG Theory schedule 2016
Anna university UG PG Viva Voice Examinations Schedule OCT/NOV/DEC and Jan 2017 Schedule 

Get Anna university practical schedule 2016 NOV/DEC, Anna univerity published UG PG practicals schedule, students can view and download the Practical, theory, Viva voice Examination schedule 2016.  

Anna university UG PG Nov/Dec Practicals,Theory,Viva Voice schedule:

Recently Anna university published  UG PG Practical schedule 2016, this update applies to the candidates who are currently studying UG and Pg in Anna univeristy. Students can view and download the schedule.

Click here to download anna university UG PG exam scheduleNOV/DEC 2016
Click here to download Anna univeristy UG PG Practicals schedule NOV/DEC 2016
Click here to download Anna university UG PG Viva Schedule NOV/DEC 2016
Click here to download Anna univeristy UG PG Project schedule NOV/DEc 2016


It is informed that the Oct./Nov./Dec. 2016 and January 2017 Theory, Practical & Project Viva-Voce Examinations are scheduled to be held as detailed below:-
All UG Programmes (Except I Semester)
Last working day    : 26.10.2016
Practical Examinations    Slot I : 03.10.2016 to 08.10.2016
                                        Slot II : 17.10.2016 to 22.10.2016

Commencement of Theory Examinations: 02.11.2016

All PG Programmes
[Except R-2013 III Sem. MBA, III Sem. All M.E. Civil Engg. Programmes & I Sem. PG Programmes]  Last 

 Last working day  : 08.11.2016

Practical Examinations :Slot I : 24.10.2016 to 27.10.2016
                                   Slot II : 31.10.2016 to 04.11.2016

Commencement of Theory Examinations: 14.11.2016
R-2013 III Semester MBA , III Semester All M.E. Civil Engineering Programmes,

Last working day : 15.11.2016

Practical Examinations: 07.11.2016 to 12.11.2016

Commencement of End Semester Examinations: 21.11.2016

R 2013 - I Semester of UG Programmes  Last working day:22.11.2016

Practical Examinations Slot I : 07.11.2016 to 12.11.2016
                                   Slot II : 14.11.2016 to 19.11.2016

Commencement of Theory Examinations: 28.11.2016

R — 2013 - I Semester of PG Programmes  Last working day: 13.12.2016

Practical Examinations Slot I : 28.11.2016 to 03.12.2016
                                     Slot II : 05.12.2016 to 10.12.2016

Commencement of Theory Examinations: 19.12.2016

III Semester of M.E./M.Tech. Project Viva voce (Phase — I) 

Examinations  Last date for submission of Project Report to the :05.12.2016
college by the students
M.E./M.Tech. Project Viva-Voce (Phase — I)  : 13.12.2016 to 17.12.2016

M.Arch. (Dissertation) Viva-Voce: 13.12.2016 to 17.12.2946

(D .V. UVA)
Chennai: 600 025

Dated : 30 .08.2016

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