Managed Services: How To Spot A Provider You Can Trust?

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Want to Grow Your Business? Know the Trends in Managed Services That Promote Growth!

Posted on 11 October 2017 | 9:21 am by

In the world of managed services, companies are either adding new services or they are falling behind. Small and big companies want solutions to problems and software platforms will enable them to do their work as smoothly and quickly as possible. It isn’t a target that can be hit through a single slot because technology in the industry of managed services continues to advance. Companies providing the newest products are the ones that’ll keep bringing in some new clients.

Getting ahead with managed services requires adopting new approaches and some of these include the following:

  • Abandon the Fix/Break Model

A lot of businesses still adhere to the break/fix model for networks. But, what they don’t know is that they will not repair it until it’s broken. This approach can reduce the number of the upgrades performed, yet it is rarely cost-optimal in any bigger analysis because of the need to replace and rip out existing infrastructure. On contrary, companies dealing with managed services are looking for success with moving clients into the standard service contracts rather with the contracted hardware upgrades as a part of the package. Using this approach is proven to clear financial benefits.

·        Enhanced Automation

Managed services companies can’t have too much automation as long as it is implemented properly. It is perfect to move anything that could be automated by software into a single control platform. Automation can speed up the processes, provides more oversight for the providers and clients, and reduce the need for manpower. Especially well-planned automation upgrade may create cost savings to pass onto the clients.

·        Integrate Mobile Device Management

Some businesses are interested in productivity possibilities that are associated with the BYOD policies, yet are concerned regarding the security. With MDM systems or Mobile Device Management available for Android and iOS , these provide the companies a control level needed to make the BYOD work. MDM may control what software is installed, disable compromised devices remotely, and monitor for cracked firmware or malware. It is a simple sell for mobile-focused clients.

·        Continue Adding New Services

Business clients appreciate companies that continually adding value and future-focused to their offerings. Steady stream of the new offerings and features is a great way to establish long-term partnership. Although a certain client does not take advantage of the new services, it still makes a favorable impression. This also reflects well on the service providers and helps establish them as the industry leader.

·        Hold the Around-the-Clock Hours

It is a global business world and the 9-to-5 hours are not enough for the global demand. These hours are also not enough for American-based businesses, less global efforts. Managed services providers must be open for business throughout the day on both US coasts.

If the managed services company is not growing, it might be shrinking. Cloud software solutions are a boom industry and the competition is fierce. Only those that continue to increase the scope and quality of their services, along with the growing back-end, are likely to gain more clients in the future.

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