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Video Conferencing – Don’t be Confused and Learn the Truth

Posted on 9 January 2017 | 11:08 am by

For the longest time, you have heard the phrase video conferencing. But the question is, do you know and understand what it really is?

By definition, video conferencing is the integration of video, audio and peripherals for simultaneous communication of two or several persons connected to a certain telecommunication line. Here, synchronized verbal communication and images are being transmitted between two or more locations. Now that you know what it is about, you might want to know how it works.

What You Need for Video Conferencing

For your video conferencing to work, you will need video cameras, microphones, a computer, hardware, software and peripherals, together with transmission lines to send the information to the participants of the video conference.

When you hold an event for video conferencing, a codec will be the one to translate the analog information that was received by the video cameras and microphones into digital information. This will then be transmitted to a different codec which will translate back the digital information to the original images and sounds, in a way that can be understood by the participants of the event.

Back in the days, video conferencing was an expensive thing since ISDN, ATM and T1 lines were utilized for video conferencing, and these were all very pricey. But, thanks to the emergence and rise of the internet, there is now a more affordable solution that can be used for video conferencing with the use of web video conferencing. This is the reason why even small businesses these days can already enjoy and benefit from the use of video conferencing.

Uses and Other Facts about Video Conferencing

The only downside when it comes to video conferencing is the fact that converting the information from analog into a digital format may lead to a reduced quality of video. The compression ratio is the most vital factor as far as video conferencing is concerned. if the compression ratio is higher, it will also be faster to transmit the information of video conferencing although the video quality can be expected to be lower as well.

Video conferencing can prove to be very useful for communication among different groups of individual. In addition, video conferencing can also come in handy in the field of education. Through video conferencing, learning can become more fun. Aside from this, video conferencing can also work well for various learning styles. Video conferencing can also allow the experts even from remote places to discuss in classes.

Truly, times have changed and it changed tremendously to the point that things which used to be impossible have become more than possible. With video conferencing, there is no denying that this is now the wave of the future. If you are a business owner or you are starting your own venture in any field of specialization, this is the perfect time to make it work for you. Don’t be left behind and discover more about it and dare to make a step forward to further improve your conferencing services.

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