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Immersive Telepresence – Is This the Best Video Conferencing Solution for You?

Posted on 23 October 2017 | 6:29 am by

Immersive telepresence video conferencing lets you feel as if the people or person you are talking to is really standing right in front of you. Here, tele means operating at long distance, while presence means being present in a certain place.

This kind of video conferencing needs to include as many features as possible for arousing action within an organ tissue for you to feel like you are really at the place you are connected to.

In order to get such a feature, only the best equipment for video conferencing must be used, and there must also be an improved transferring of video and audio.

But, you have to keep in mind that it requires more than the best audio and video equipment. The truth is that it calls for improved accuracy of sound and sight.

Immersive Telepresence Features

This kind of conferencing involves an enhanced sense of vision. It often includes the whole background view of all participants.

This could also involve a wrap around screen or even a screen which is big enough for making you feel that you are really in the world.

It makes use of a camera which will be transferring the movements to the screen accurately to offer real time actions. In the most basic sense, immersive telepresence video conferencing projects the life size images.

This type of communication must make use of a sound that has extremely high accuracy with lesser sound distortion. The sound is often stereophonic. It transmits the sound from the two different sources through two different channels.

But, even if you go out and purchase the best webcam you can find, together with the highest quality microphone that your money allows you to get complete with a high end laptop or computer with a network with large bandwidth, there is still the possibility that you might not get the best experience of immersive telepresence that you want.

Every aspect of video conferencing has main differences:

  • Webcams – These will be     hooked up to the laptop or computer, and you will have a live audio or     video transmission.
  • Video phones – It is point     to point or person to person. This often serves individuals and not groups    
  • Video conferencing system     – This costs more than a video phone or webcam yet it allows people in     several locations to communicate simultaneously.
  • Immersive telepresence     video conferencing – This is a more sophisticate type of video     conferencing system. This is often used by CEOs and corporate     professionals. This is usually conducted inside a conference room with the     use of the newest commercial video and audio technology with extremely     high bandwidth.

Benefits of Immersive Telepresence

  • Live audio sound with     quality preventing potential communication loss
  • Cost often includes     everything such as tech support, customer service, room conferencing     capabilities, and others
  • Life like and life sized     images right in front of you like they are truly there
  • High tech commercial     equipment to prevent poor quality and choppy video

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