All You Need to Know About Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

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All You Need to Know About Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Posted on 22 July 2016 | 1:13 pm by


After years of buying the hot-mix from a supplier finally, you must have realized that having your own Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is much better than buying. If you are into the construction industry, a drum mix plant must be your first choice. Here are the main details of a typical Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:

What is a drum mix plant?

It is a setup used for asphalt mixing that offers the start to end solution of asphalt mixing.  It is a plant based on fuel efficiency and equipped with the latest technology of asphalt mixing. It is able to judge the correct proportions of the aggregates to deliver the correct blend of the mix.
The material prepared thus is then conveyed to the dryer- mixer where the first step is the removal of moisture. After this, the appropriate amount of asphalt is injected into the mixture. This mixture is then transferred to the trucks which deliver it to the construction sited. The size of these plants ranges from8-tph to 800-tph.

Benefits of asphalt drum mix plant:

•    It delivers regular supply & a higher rate of production of the mix as the mixing process is continuous.
•    It reduces the hot mix process to the basics making the entire process economical.
•    It also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases which is a common by-product of asphalt mixing.
•    It lessens the manual work and offers a full factory support.
•    It comes in two types; Stationery and fixed. However, fixed drum mix plant is more popular than the other.
•    The number of good asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer in India is increasing and they are offering asphalt drum mix plant which comes with better quality results and technology design.
•    It provides excellent storage facility.
•   The best part of it is these are completely automated equipment hence the cost of labor is also less.

With asphalt drum mix plant you would be able to have the best solution of asphalt mixing and hence will deliver better results. It is specialized in a single type of asphalt mix production and assures the quality of the asphalt mix produced.

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