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Top Questions To Ask The Fast Courier Adelaide Before Placing Your Order

Posted on 12 December 2016 | 6:56 am by

Do you want to ensure you are dealing with a reliable fast courier Adelaide? If yes, don’t hesitate to ask these questions during your meeting before placing order.

Question #1 – Is your parcel covered with insurance?

One of your greatest concerns when using a courier is the assurance your parcel is covered with an insurance policy in the event a damage or loss occurred while in transport. If you don’t want to face the critical issue of learning about the damages incurred on your precious collectibles during the delivery journey, I recommend you ask the fast courier Adelaide manager if they have insurance policy for all customer’s items booked for their courier services.

Question #2 – Who will be responsible for the final packing of your parcel?

Another crucial question that you must not miss when discussing your courier job assignment with a prospective courier is the packing concern. Inquire if they will be the one to do the final packing of your parcel. If they mentioned you will be the one to do this task, ask the appropriate packing materials that you can use to safeguard the content of your parcel.

Question #3 – Are they equip with the right moving tools and equipment?

Among the necessities that must be provided by your chosen fast courier Adelaide is the moving tools and equipment, especially if you are contracting them to move and deliver a collection of fragile items. Inquire with their manager if they will use special tools to move safely to the courier van the items needing delivery. Don’t forget also to ask the handling techniques that will be applied to ensure no potential damage will occur on your parcel.

Question #4 – How can you track you parcel?

This is another concern of customers when using a courier, tracking the status of their parcels. If you don’t want to be guessing what time will your parcel arrive at the appointed delivery address, ask the manager if you have access in monitoring the progress of your courier job order like a delivery app.
There you have it some of the questions you need to ask a prospective courier before entrusting your time, money and precious item. If the courier you chose have the skills and solid track of record delivering items on time and in excellent condition to their final destination, go and give them a chance to prove their worth as a courier.

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