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Various Options For Wood Siding

Posted on 13 October 2016 | 11:23 am by

Wood is considered as the foremost siding options throughout USA and Canada. No matter, whether vertical sidings like board and batten or horizontal sidings like shakes or shingles, these are few commonly used for all most all applications.

OKC roofing has information which type and grade available in market and it also make you sure about your requirement. Sometimes, home owners get a loss if their desired wood comes from another reason without proper harvesting so in these types of circumstances it is recommended that you just hold up your project and raise the budget. You need to ask some questions to your contractor before installing siding material. Just ask them about resistance, splitting and cupping of the sidings. For good result, you just buy the best quality siding products which will be within your budget. Before installation you confirm about the properly sealed and thoroughly protected. In market, there are wide verities of wood sidings available with different characteristics. Mainly, pine, spruce, fir cedar and redwood are the few popular names which are used for sidings.


Pine is one of the most popular wood used for sidings. It is soft and takes a lower charge for processing.  These are can be finish well and home owners prefer them when times come for painting or staining horizontal siding. These are mainly used for clapboards and as these are not rot-resistant so it is a recommendation that, you seal them and properly maintain before installation.


Spruce is the best alternative for pine and these are also soft as them. It is available in longer lengths than pine and bearing with the same qualities. Like pine, these are also specially used for clapboards. The caution is that, as these are not a natural rot-resistant wood, they require a regular maintenance and proper seal.


Fir is very similar to pine and spruce and these are used as the affordable siding option. These are available in longer in length and easy to install and can be finish well. As it belongs to softwood category, it can be milled to pattern easily.


Cedar siding is popular because these are rot resistance. Generally, used in shakes and shingles because these are stable, resists swelling and less cupping and splitting. Furthermore, these are more insect-resistant than pine but to obtain this quality, it should be well treated before installation.

Mainly these verity sidings are available in market and it depends upon you to which to choose. Contact a professional roofer who will make you clear all about it. So contact NOW!

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