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AR Democrats Looking to Raise Minimum Smoking Age to 21

Posted on 21 March 2017 | 6:29 pm by

Yhunderhead Vape

For years, the minimum smoking age in the vast majority of states has been 18. That makes sense on a lot of levels if you think about it. After all, you only have to be 18 to vote and become an adult. With that being said, you should be able to decide for yourself whether you want to enjoy a delicious vape or not without someone trying to restrict your every move. While that might have been the minimum age for quite some time, the lawmakers in Arkansas are hoping to make a few changes in the coming future. If the House Democrats get their way, it could mean that the minimum smoking age is going to change to 21.

This current bill applies to all vapor, tobacco, e-liquid and alternative nicotine products on the market today, including those of cigarette papers. As you can imagine, a lot of people are going to be affected if the bill passes and the minimum smoking age goes up. While some are in favor of the bill, that doesn’t mean everyone is. There were some smokers who agreed with raising the minimum smoking age to 21 because they feel it will prevent many of the younger individuals from taking up the habit.

While they might want to believe that is the case, it really isn’t. If a teen wants to smoke traditional cigarettes or vape, do you really think you are going to stop them by raising the minimum vaping age? Teens are going to find a way to get the items they want, whether they can do so legally or not. It has been that way for years, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. So, who is it that they really think they are helping? If a teen smokes regular cigarettes, wouldn’t you rather have them consume an e-liquid in the hopes of getting them off traditional cigarettes? If you asked most people, they would quickly tell you yes.

Smoking is extremely dangerous for your health, which is why so many people started making the switch to vaping products in an attempt to eliminate their bad habit. There are a number of 18-20-year-old smokers who are turning to vaping products as a means of being able to quit smoking. If they pass this law and prevent these individuals from being able to purchase vaping products, it is only going to make it harder for them to stand a chance at giving up their smoking habit.

What about all of these individuals who are already smokers? Are you going to suddenly tell them they aren’t allowed to smoke anything any longer? Seems like a cruel way to force someone to stop smoking. It should be up to the individual to make the decision about whether they are going to quit smoking or not. They shouldn’t be thrown into something and forced to give it up cold turkey. They should be given the opportunity to switch to vaping products and wean themselves off. Who knows whether the bill will pass or not, but it will definitely have some repercussions for those who are in that middle demographic.


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