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Vaping Versus Smoking. What To Consider.

Posted on 12 November 2016 | 12:03 pm by

Reasons Why Vaping is better than Smoking

The invention of e liquid was done to provide an option to smoking. Some sections of the modern society do not embrace smokers and often segregate them. Technology has provided e cigarettes to enable smokers mingle with the rest of the public with less discomfort. The following are the benefits that drip juice gives smokers.


People who consume nicotine expose their health and that of others to great danger. The health risks associated with smoking to passive smokers are reduced because no exhalation is involved.

Some people have been using e cigarettes for long periods without raising concern from the people close to them. However, it is important to be careful when selecting the e-cigarette to buy as there are various brands in the market. These options differ in quality and it is advisable to select high quality products whose ingredients are thoroughly tested.

Flavor Variety

The ability to choose drip juice according to your flavor allows you to select what suits your personality. Smokers who want to avoid the taste of smoke in the mouth can select options that do not copy the taste of cigarette smoke. A smell that is more pleasant than that of smoke can improve your relations with other people. It is not unusual to find smokers being pleased with the flavor of the drip juice.


Traditional smoking can be a nuisance with the smoke and ash residue. E juice is supposed to be consumed slowly allowing the aerosol droplets to settle in the lungs. In this way, little or no vapour will be exhaled like is the case with cigarette smoking. Thus, other people and animals will not suffer from the emissions. In places where vaping is disallowed it is not obtrusive to the users or other people.


The use of drip juice is acceptable in most places where smoking is prohibited because it is aesthetically convenient and safe to other members of the public. Users of e liquid do not have to interrupt any of their activities to consume it away from other people. Unlike smokers who have to consume a whole cigarette, drip juice users can take only the puffs necessary to provide the desired amount of nicotine. Cigarette smoking can be wasteful since smokers often throw partly consumed sticks after a few puffs.


While the evidence available is not conclusive, users of e juice are able to manage the amount of nicotine they take. Some former smokers have managed to stay without nicotine for longer periods than they could when they used to smoke. Smokers who have turned to e liquid have better chances of kicking the habit.

It is true that smokers face segregation not only from the larger society but also their immediate families because smoking is considered offensive. The alienation may make it difficult for them to quit smoking as they need support to do that. When they are rejected, they find consolation in smoking. The use of ejuice is an effective way for smokers retain their place in the society. They pose limited or no risk to their health and that of other people around them. Former smokers who have discovered e liquid are able to control their intake of nicotine which is necessary in the journey towards successfully quitting the habit.

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