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Transitioning to Private Cloud Computing – Why Your Company Needs This Vital Shift

Posted on 9 January 2017 | 10:32 am by

Cloud computing is no doubt among the biggest buzz words in the world of IT, bringing with it incredible promises. Interest on cloud computing has led to widespread awareness and curiosity on public cloud services. The pooled computing resources, allocated and divided to various users, are proven in the testing and development realm of IT to have incredible benefits. However, these benefits were overshadowed by uptime assurances and lack of security among business IT executives.

The main goal of private cloud is to reduce if not completely get rid of these concerns through dedicating an exclusive hardware to every user. Instead of having your data stored off somewhere in the cloud, one can easily point to a specific group of servers in the data center and say that those servers contain only your data and your data alone, thus removing security concerns. This is a solution that gives you the best of both worlds, bringing essential benefits such as improved reliability and uptime at a more affordable cost.

Here are other reasons why you have to rethink about your current IT infrastructure and discover the advantages of private cloud computing.

Save Money and Time

No doubt the best thing about private cloud is that you don’t just enjoy great benefits of security and virtualization for at the same time, it can also be more affordable and less of a hassle compared to hosting your own servers of getting dedicated servers. When your company has over two servers, this can benefit from virtualization. When your company has over 10 servers, this can benefit from a private cloud with several physical host servers and a dedicated SAN.

Enhanced Protection Against Disasters

If you connect a SAN to private cloud, you can achieve incredible redundancy. You will not just be able to load balance between your servers and automatically shift the server resources between the servers on the fly for in this type of environment, you can shut down a single server with no need to cause any downtime. When you take your disaster protection to the next level, you can enjoy complete recovery from a downtime in less than one hour.

Use Hardware with Improved Resource Management

You can increase your physical server hardware’s value through virtualization. Instead of running 5 serves which average 10 percent CPU utilization, you will be able to virtualize 5 servers on a single physical server and share the resources. It can reduce power usage, rack space and can also be managed easily. it lets you come up with copies of your servers then have them up and running fast as they are now virtualized.

Improved Flexibility

It is probably among the most alluring advantages of cloud computing. It is incredibly powerful to spin up then tear down the server in minutes, not to mention that it is useful as well. You will not waste any effort in trying to size the server in advance when creating a server on the fly.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should think about shifting to private cloud computing. Are you ready to make a move?

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