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Degenerate Porn Star’s ‘Public Service’ Announcement After Breast Implants Leaking

Posted on 25 July 2017 | 5:53 am by

Porn stars are degenerate whores, and that's meant in the literal sense, not an attack on their character. They're literally paid to commit degenerate sexual acts with multiple partners. Elizabeth Starr is no exception, after being Gangbanged by countless dozens of men, from every position you could imagine, on film, she's worn out, both inside and out. The 47-year-old self-proclaimed ‘used cum dumpster’ (seriously she refers to herself as this), is beyond tormented at this point, desperately trying to stay relevant when she's nothing more than damaged goods at her age.In 1999, she underwent a $5000 breast implant surgery to enlarge her breasts so much she would have ‘ballooning breasts’. She says however that operation has resulted in horrifying pain and agony. The idea behind ballooning breasts is that they are intended to grow larger over time. No, that's not

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