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Best Replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase Automatic Watch 50535 For Sale

Posted on 8 August 2017 | 1:07 am by Pook Took

Rolex's Chellini series has always been to the traditional style of traditional watches to show the world its elegant and extraordinary temperament, and in 2017 Baselworld, Giulini gave the laborers show a moon phase watch, as the show A big bright spot, which can be said to be a big surprise. Rolex moon phase table is very rare, into the modern watchmaking is never appeared, so for Rolex, this is relatively fresh design material, and said "rare", the new Celian moon phase Type watch for the brand has an unusual weight and meaning. (Watch model: 50535) After the advent of the new Celini series, Rolex for its re-design of the bezel, the integration of the classic round bezel and triangular pit bezel elements, so that the whole table looks more rounded regular Without losing the characteristics of Rolex. The side of the case at the seven o'clock position with moon phase adjustment button, can be adjusted by a special adjustment needle.Best replica Rolex Cellini watches with cheap price on sale.

The watch case diameter of 39 mm, 18ct eternal rose gold to create. Created by the Rolex foundry 18ct eternal rose gold since 2005, through the traditional rose gold material to add a certain percentage of platinum, used to make all the Rolex watch pink gold style, so as to ensure that the case to maintain a lasting bright color , And patented. The new Chelyni moon type watch dial is white paint, dial 6 o'clock position with a blue enamel moon disc, showing the full moon and the new moon, also carved dozens of stars around the embellishment. The full moon is symbolized by a circular meteorite, and the new moon is represented by a silver ring. According to the moon lap profit and loss cycle, the moon phase in the moon phase 12 o'clock position under the inverted triangle display. The dagger-shaped pointer is also cast from rose gold and polished. The end of the crescent-shaped slender blue central pointer, used to indicate the date.We also offer replica Hublot Masterpiece watches with high quality for sale.

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