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I’m hearing noises in the loft or void … Glasgow

Posted on 22 September 2015 | 7:33 pm by yas

“I’m hearing noises in the loft…” In the winter especially we get call-outs like this. This can be a very emotionally (and sleep wise) disturbing experience. The first stage to dealing with this problem regardless of whether you live in our regional area of Glasgow or anywhere else is to identify what is causing the problem. It is very difficult to tell by noise alone (no matter how loud) whether it’s a species of rodent (rat, mouse or squirrel) or bird.  Also please bear in  mind that the loft is a very dangerous environment to work in. Common hazards include poor or no lighting, no flooring, no flooring and thick insulation covering the joists, nails coming in through the roof  and many other types of hazards so this is not an environment we recommend an untrained or inexperienced person goes into to discover the source of a noise. The best thing you can do is call a pest controller to discuss your experience and get quotes. Pest controllers like us have the right tools and experience to do these jobs properly and safely. As a company we do charge a callout charge for inspections but I can assure you that our charge is very reasonable and affordable for any homeowner. Sometimes we will come to a job and it will turn out that you don’t require pest control at all and there is another cause which if rectified would resolve the issue at minimal cost. We will tell you if that’s the case unlike some free callout companies who will look to extract money from you regardless of the scale or nature of the task at hand. Please remember nobody works for free… To get a thorough no obligation survey done (or treatment) at very affordable rates please call on 0141 846 0022 and I promise we will do our utmost to guide you through this problem.  

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