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Bumblebee Control is a last resort option

Posted on 26 June 2015 | 9:40 pm by yas

We get a lot of calls regarding bumblebees nests in glasgow. Quite often bumblebees will build a nest in your garden or even your house and then begin to grow the nest. This causes many problems for the occupants as more and more bumblebees start to show up in the house. This is a bumblebees nest we relocated once upon a time: First things first. DO NOT SEAL THE HOLE THEY ARE USING TO COME IN AND OUT OF THE BUILDING!. That will not fix the problem- more likely¬†exacerbate it. Secondly if their not in your home or building but somewhere in the garden then leave them alone. They are very docile creatures that are unlikely to hurt anyone and can but (in my experience) usually do not sting. They are also very good for the the environment as they pollinate our crops (free of charge I may add). If you find a lot of bumblebees coming into any room in your home then look for and seal any gaps or holes internally with silicon or some other effective gap sealant. I find bathrooms tend to get the most bumblebees-something I assume has something to do with the extra holes in the ground regarding plumbing. Only if you are having a very difficult time with a severe infestation of bumblebees in your home or have a major phobia that means you can’t go about your daily schedule then feel free to call us to discuss other options. We do not actively encourage this but we understand that members of the public still need someone to deal with these sorts of problems and who else is going to do it if not your local pest controller. OF COURSE TREATMENT BY A PEST CONTROLLER SHOULD ONLY BE CONSIDERED AS A LAST RESORT! For more information or advice please call us on 0141 846 0022.

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