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Cloud Contact Center: An Ideal Solution for BPO Industries

Posted on 9 May 2017 | 7:11 am by

Aside from the severe competition from different countries, BPO industries also face the struggle of higher operational expenses, increasing manpower cost and attrition. Aside from this, it is also difficult to keep tab on call center margins and variable agent count requirements. In order to meet all of these challenges, BPOs either chose to deploy a premise based contact center or they go on the cloud.

These two technologies both have an ocean of difference as far as their advantages are concerned. The premise based call centers have now become outdated and many BPOs are showing and expressing their keen interest in the deployment of cloud based hosted centers.

For example, as far as staying upfront and updated on technology, it becomes extremely expensive and difficult to upgrade a premise based call center. Since cloud center is being offered by a service provider, both the upgrades and maintenance is also handled and taken care of by the provider.

Most of the time, the cloud based solutions are bundled offers of VoIP, connectivity, DID or PIR minutes to suit the requirements of both inbound and outbound BPO. A cloud contact center is delivered via the internet as SaaS model. Not like the premised based contact centers, the cloud solutions are a pay per use model. BPOs need to choose and pay solely for any module they opted for.

To accommodate the premised based models, BPOs have to deploy an expensive server together with paying for cost of the whole dialer and infrastructure. Since the deployed infrastructure is managed, utilized and maintained solely by the BPO. It can become a rather expensive ordeal for the IT and management department. A premise hosted call center requires an in-house redundant system to be highly skilled and up and running resources for the infrastructure.

The premise call centers are neither suited for multi-site environment nor can be integrated easily with third party applications like CRM in which a cloud based contact center is multi-tenant and multi-tier. Enterprises can also deploy both multi-site environment and home agents in a cloud contact center. It only takes two minutes in order to begin with cloud. A cloud contact center will be able to help a BPO to save more money upfront on integration costs and equipment purchases considerably.

A premise based contact center’s legacy technology can also be replaced with a powerful contact center on the cloud at a lesser IT budget in an affordable and quick manner. The redundant system to make sure that there will be uninterrupted operations of cloud is being deployed by a service provider to reduce dependence on the IT personnel next to nothing.

A cloud contact center is reliable and secure. In addition, it also allows BPOs to put more focus on their core strategic problems instead of spending their time on software issues and maintenance of a hosted center infrastructure.

Indeed, a cloud contact center is probably one of the best solutions that can make any BPO experience further growth and development the easy way.

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