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Why Go for Cloud Contact Center? Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Posted on 16 January 2017 | 10:45 am by

Cloud contact centers have been a long time staple for a lot of businesses all over the world. However, the complexity and costs of managing the legacy systems of these centers are draining both resources and time of businesses. Good thing that today, the cloud offers renewed hope.

Businesses go for cloud contact center to gain productivity, security and flexibility. Aside from being cost efficient, the cloud contact center models can empower users to be in full control of their systems and offer brand new opportunities for enhanced user experiences

Specifically, enterprises and small and medium businesses can enjoy different direct benefits when they opt for cloud contact center.

 Cloud Centers are Quick to Start and Run

 A cloud contact center is simpler and faster to deploy compared to on-site ones. Not like on-premise systems which require months to set up, these cloud contact center solutions are deployable in just a matter of 48 hours, which depend on the complexity and number of applications.

 Regular and Automatic Updates

 The use of cloud contact center solutions gets rid of the hassles of manual maintenance and updates. Cloud providers integrate automatic function updates and brand new feature upgrades without inflicting extra strain to business IT. A cloud contact center is given instant access to these functions and features the moment they start rolling out.

Easy Integration to New and Existing Tools

The cloud has become a maturing technology which paves way for easy integration. Amidst today’s tough completion, international cloud providers are teaming to standardize the products and allow easier integration of new and old systems. They are even taking a step further through finding ways to incorporate third party solutions and tools to guarantee interoperability among various platforms.

High Security Levels from Mature Cloud Providers

The prominent cloud providers invested in solid backup infrastructure to guarantee the highest security level and uptime for the customers. The providers can track and retain security levels which are better compared to what majority of companies offer for their own onsite systems.

Obtain More Flexible Contract

The shorter contract lengths give contact center customers an equally briefer tie in periods. The contact centers would like a customer service option which offers innovative solutions, provides good support and guarantees reliability. By way of cloud, companies have better flexibility in switching to the contact center vendors which can best meet the requirements.

Cost Management Through Subscription

A cloud contact center requires low initial investments because customers need not buy expensive software and hardware infrastructure. Customers are only paying for the functions and features they use every month. Growing or seasonal businesses can better handle the changes in demand, like when they add more lines or agent seats when spikes occur.

Great Service in a Single Bundle

When in the cloud, majority of contact center solutions come as packaged service. The customers will communicate with just one vendor for all services they require. Outbound and inbound telephony, phone services, supervisor monitoring, agent desktops and other contact center features are rolled to a single package and offered by one vendor for easier coordination and management.

Here is a list of cloud contact center service provider in the Asia Pacific Region:





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