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What is the importance of GDP software?

Posted on 14 April 2016 | 1:21 pm by

MHRA of Great Britain has issued guidelines for the GDP management.  The ATL system is cloud management based system and it enhance all your business activities to a greater extent.  Automatic updating gives you instant reports as and when a transaction or sale is completed.  You can control and monitor all the business transaction by keeping one central location to manage all the transactions carried out in different branches across various places.  By implementing the GDP online software one can successfully manage all the below mentioned features.

·         Maintain all the purchase orders systematically.
·         Manage your inventory by noting down the manufacturing date, expiry date and also batch numbers
·         You need to manage the products alerts, product recalls, expiry items stock adjustments and bin maintenance and it should be updated on daily basis.
·         Manage all your sales and maintain the orders efficiently.  You can observe enhanced efficiency in the maintenance of sales orders, packing slips, packing and picking notes, credit notes and labels etc. 
·         Document and manage all the multicurrency transactions efficiently so that there will be no room for confusion in the conversion rates.
·         Manage all your export data and get instant reports on latest quotations, sales orders, export invoice and purchase analysis features.
·         Price comparison option enables you to compare all the prices for the product and allows you to decide the best price and enable you to manage all the stock accordingly.
·         Wholesale License Pharmacy is maintained efficiently with the help of online GDP software.

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