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Accounting Jobs are Easy to Find Online with the Help of The Job Factory

Posted on 15 March 2017 | 8:02 am by

So, you’ve just completed your degree in accounting and you’re all set to start work. Only problem is, there isn’t any. This is a major problem that many accounting graduates are facing. Accounting is a hugely popular degree for many reasons, therefore when it’s time to find a job after years of studying, you unexpectedly find that it’s not as easy to get an accounting job as it is to get into an accounting course.

There is just so much competition, that at times it feels like finding the needle in a haystack. And not only is there competition galore, but there’s also a massive range of different accounting jobs being advertised. There’s graduate accounting jobs, senior accounting jobs and different types of accounting jobs like auditing, bookkeeping, accounts receiving and payroll, just to name a few. You apply for a great position only to find that so have hundreds of other applicants with similar experience as you have. It can feel like you just can’t get ahead. But you can. ALWAYS BE PROACTIVE. Make sure you have an amazing and professional resume and cover letter that really sets you apart.

This is the best way to get accounting jobs Melbourne. Always be presentable. Look and feel amazing. Confidence can go a huge way. You never want to be lost in the crowd. Being a chartered accountant is not too much extra work and it gives you a great advantage. Ask your teachers if they know of any potential jobs, or firms who are in the process of hiring. If you can, try to apply for positions before they are advertised by using companies such as The Job Factory to help you get an accounting job Melbourne.

If there are particular accounting firms or any other workplaces that you would just like to work for, you can always go in there, introduce yourself and hand in your resume. You never know when a recruiter can be in the process of looking for candidates. When you do get in front of a recruiter, really engage them. You want them to not only remember you by your excellent resume and presentation skills, but also because of your passion for the job, for the way you interact and just how much you’re interested in the job and how much you want it. There are so many different ways of wowing accounting job recruiters, you need to make sure you’re on top of every single one. Be proactive and never give up, and you’re sure to go far.

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