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What are the Alternative Favorite Menus at Bangkok Best Restaurants in April?

Posted on 7 April 2017 | 9:57 am by

Although this holiday season in April at the top 10 restaurants in Bangkok toasts and celebrates the magnificent and tasty attractions of European seasonal cuisines there are also other reasons to be jubilant especially when dining in Bangkok, Thailand. For besides exploring the best of Italian, French, Greek, German and Spanish culinary delights there are a number of other oriental and local delights to offer a diversified grand dining menu at the Bangkok restaurants.

The Dock Oyster Platter; primarily a seafood restaurant offering as many varieties to enjoying the oysters here you find exquisite brilliant cuisines like; The Dock Oyster Platter with variety like Tsarskaya, Gillardeau, Belon, Loch Fyne Rock, Sydney Rock, Tasmanian, Fine de Claire, Kumamoto, Gallagher Special, Coffin Bay and Ostra Regal oysters for formidable royal dining in Bangkok experience.

Flat Marble’s Homemade BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs; for a different feel of traditional and well made food that appeals to all taste sense while dining in Bangkok, the spirit and passion used while preparing this menu gives it an out of this world taste with prime quality.

Punjab Grills’s Tandoori Chicken and Dal Makhani; the Punjab region in India is known as India’s food basket and this find’s perfect resonance in the quality of Indian food on offer at the restaurant in Bangkok. One dish is chicken inspired cooked with amazing perfection in taste and aromas while the second is a vegetarian dish that whips up your love, passion and liking non-meat based dishes with its enduring soft aromas and taste.      

Fine dining in Bangkok is your best way to enjoy authentic tastes and cuisines done to perfection. Therefore get overwhelmed with the various tones, aromas and tastes of great food by just searching your food inclination for the day through Bangkok Best Dining.    

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