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Conventional Lightning Rod vs Advance Das Technology

Posted on 14 April 2017 | 8:21 am by

Many commercial and residential building are at a risk of lightning damage. Personal injury, loss to business and equipments is a huge expense for any company or individual to bear. Trust a lightning protection system with Dissipated Array System (DAS) technology to greatly reduce this threat on your business, residence, equipment, data and life.

“It prevents direct lightning strikes within the area of protection”

The conventional lightning rod – the ones that collect and transmit the lightning strike current to the ground were never designed to protect modern technologies and high-tech facilities. These lightning rods, irrespective of what marketers tell you, can actually bring thousands of volts close to sensitive electronics, causing fire and permanent damage.

What is lightning strike?

-  An electronically charged storm contains clouds. It needs to discharge itself by equalizing the voltage with that of the earth. Initially, the difference in polarity between the bottom cloud and the ground is huge. As the clouds build up, this difference begins to diminish and clouds form a downward leader while an upward streamer is formed by the earth; creating a strong electrical field. Thus when the clouds connect/ equalize with the earth, lightning strikes. Any object in the path of this connect is also electrically charged and destroyed due to the high voltage.

DAS technology is based on the principle of charge transfer and interrupts the formation of streamers. By doing this it reduces the electric field, preventing direct lightning strikes

Key components of this system are:

-It is engineered to integrate with any building, tank, tower or other structures

-It uses chemically-charged electrodes for low impedance resistance

-Surge protector (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression) further ensures no current travels through data lines and other conductive paths

-Modular Strike prevention devices can also be added for increased protection as required



-  Strike prevention, not collection. The company extends a ‘no strike’ warranty subject to inspection and maintenance

-  Customized design. Each lightning protection product working with DAS technology can be easily customized as per the needs of the client

-  All time protection. This technology has been protecting structures, equipments, data and lives since 1971, with 99% success rate

Dissipation Array System’s unique and effective system terminates lightning strikes; providing customers with protection against lightning damage that is not possible with traditional lightning rod. And Lightning Eliminators & consultants, Inc. are the best solution provider in the world. 

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