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Know More about Managed Network Services

Posted on 11 May 2017 | 6:59 am by

Every telecommunications service is managed services to some level. The trick to get the most out of your managed network services is to understand what’s suited for you. However, recently, the telecommunications stopped at strict boundaries at the wall of the premises of their clients. What happened in a network belonged to the carrier and what happened on the network of the customer belonged to the customer.

Today, data networks are crucial to majority of the companies’ ability to operate and they are more complicated than ever, frequently requiring close coordination with the carrier services. The managed network services help solve the conundrum, which is a service provider takes full responsibility for the administration and maintenance of the technical infrastructure of the customer including configuration, equipment purchase, monitoring, and so on. A  managed service could cover a single key aspect of a system, an entire outsourcing service or a complete subsystem service.

Kinds of Managed Network Services

Unless you are a telecommunications carrier, it is almost particular that you have been a customer of managed network services at some time. Even the basic service relies on the ability of the carriers to manage the complicated interplay of the networks and technologies. Nevertheless, when the new technologies arrive, the customers find themselves taking more active role in the management of the network.  For instance, the advancement of IP-based routed networks gave clients a way to take advantage of the new technologies at the time when the carriers were yet to establish their credentials or skills in IP network management.

The other primary development in managed network services is that the customers may now treat their carrier solutions as a plug in. The more IP becomes the underlying protocol for every network communication, the more the servicers of the carrier can cover anything that the customer requires.

Choosing Managed Network Services

People looking for managed network services have actually four things that must be considered before signing anything to close the deal and these factors are as follows:

  • Understand Your Network

You should know the most important applications in your business. How fast your network grows and the time of your business hours is critical considerations. Do you need services round the clock? Can a provider deliver connectivity to every website?

  • Understand Your Requirements and Applications

Do you really need to keep your applications in-house? How much are you willing to spend on maintaining as well as updating your applications? Would hosted models enable you to move excess licenses between various sites?

  • Know Your Core Competencies

For managed network services, one of the best arguments is that you can concentrate on your core business and outsource the activities that do not add value to that core business. Moreover, through freeing up resources devoted to IT maintenance, you may put more of the resources into building internal skill sets that support core competencies.

  • Learn about SLAs

The best way to make a managed network service work is by ensuring that your service provider commits to the service level agreements that match your needs.

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