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Managed Network Services and The Amazing Perks You Can Enjoy

Posted on 17 October 2017 | 5:54 am by

Businesses could benefit from incorporating managed network services. If you are just planning to consider such services, these benefits will give you the reason why they are highly recommended to every company out there:

  • Future Proof Services with the Use of State of the Art Technology

Leading MSPs should use the best equipment and technology on the market to deliver the services. The IT services are upgraded constantly with no financial risk or additional cost to yourself. You don’t have worry that your managed IT services will be obsolete.

  • Flexible Service

Managed network service providers can be flexible. A payment plan enables quick growth when necessary or let you enjoy cost savings if you have to consolidate.

  • Predictable Monthly Costs and Low Capital Outlay

The investment in the specialist software and hardware will be high. Managed service offers high quality enterprise as well as carrier grade solutions to the customers. Fixed monthly plans mean you know what you are going to get and how much it will cost over the contract. There are basically no unexpected upgrade charges and changes in the charges guaranteed.

  • Converged Services

Different managed IT services may be offered over a converged connection, which results to cost-savings on the infrastructure. There are some efficiency and productivity benefits as long as remote staff working from their homes has access to all data and voice applications that your HQ staff utilizes.

  • Secure and Highly Resilient Infrastructure

The managed network infrastructure and data centers of the managed service providers are much robust compared to the typical enterprise IT service. The infrastructure is run under round the clock management with the approval of the government for security procedures.

  • Expertise

Through choosing managed services, you also gain access to the staff with specialist skills. There are times that you’ll require this skill once, so save the expense of training staff for skills they’ll never use. Some companies have invested in the best infrastructure and are backed with 24/7 operations and technical support team.

  • Increased Service Levels

Managed network services provide greater control of the service performance and levels. Through level agreements in place, you can be assured of continuity of the service. Managed service companies will also provide 24/7 support.

  • Centralization

With managed network, you may benefit from the ability to centralize your servers and applications within the managed data centers and it leads to enhanced staff performance no matter what the location is. Access to the centralized data centers within the network may give access to virtual services and backup and storage infrastructure.

  • Green and Lean

Through centralizing your business systems with data centers and running your apps on virtual platforms, your business could benefit from a big power saving, which lowers your carbon footprint while reducing costs.

  • Disaster Recovery

The service delivery is considered as the life blood of managed service providers. They have created data centers and networks that’ll be available, redundant, and resilient for maintaining continuity of business.

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