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The easiest and best way to find an accounting job Melbourne

Posted on 17 March 2017 | 11:20 am by

Have you ever thought about social media, searching for the ultimate accounting or bookkeeping job you want? If you think social media is a waste of time. Well, think again as LinkedIn is a professional business platform and is a great resource with 106 million monthly users.

Companies regularly advertise jobs on LinkedIn and there are LinkedIn groups you can join to build network connections. These groups are great for topic discussions and linking to additional contacts. It’s also a great opportunity (through these connections) of being head hunted, being referred for an accounting job or hearing something on the grapevine.

Don’t forget to ‘follow’ the company you are interested in working for, because you will be notified when they post a job. Also connect with people who work in that company, as this is another opportunity of getting your foot in the door.

Do searches on LinkedIn. Searches will help define the connection you are looking for. LinkedIn search functions include:

1. Searching for a job

2. Searching for people with a specific job title

3. Searching for specific groups

Don’t forget the LinkedIn Job Search app (this can be found in iTunes or Google Play stores). This app is used for job hunting and you can select a specific job title E.g. senior accountant, staff accountant, certified public accountant, assistant accountant, charted accounted, chief accountant etc. (there are in fact 20 listings for accountant job titles). Enter your location or the location you want to search for jobs and select ‘alerts’. When a job is posted matching your job description, you will receive a notification. The great thing about this app is that you can set up multiple alerts with different job titles and locations.

Lastly, make sure you have a professional LinkedIn profile that is on public view. Give yourself the advantage of standing out amongst the crowd by having a professional business profile, including a business photo and content that is professionally written. If you need your LinkedIn profile revamped, there are social media specialists and copywriters who will do an amazing job with your profile. Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, so make it count as some recruiter’s prospect new candidates through LinkedIn.

But an even better way to find accounting jobs Melbourne is to use The Job Factory. The Job Factory finds more accounting jobs for job seekers than most other recruitment companies.

Also ask people who you are already connected with to endorse your skills and don’t be afraid to ask friends or colleagues to do this. Some will and unfortunately some won’t, but you can always return the favour.

So, if you are serious about finding an accounting job Melbourne, then you have nothing to lose with LinkedIn or The Job Factory.

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