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Laser Toning Means Perfect Skin

Posted on 16 June 2017 | 5:40 am by drmeet

Skin problems are very common these days. There are various reasons for the same, from the hectic lifestyle to stress to pollution. Many people today feel that the skin of their face has patchy discoloration. It usually looks like strange tanning, a birthmark or dense freckling and is usually concentrated on your cheeks, forehead or jawline. This blemished, symmetrical skin pigmentation disorder is called melasma. Melasma is very common and affects an approx. 6 million people is the US, mainly women between the ages of 20-50. It usually develops during adulthood and is often caused due to pregnancy or sun exposure and is more common among people with dark skin tone. Avoiding further sun exposure can manage melasma, but it won’t make it disappear. Thankfully, a variety of techniques are available to get rid of blemishes. Some people use acidic creams to reduce the appearance of the blemishes, but this method is not as perfect and doing it at home can often lead to misapplication. The other effective solution is laser toning. Laser toning is helpful in cases that are resistant to other methods. It has been shown to be the most effective treatment for melasma, and it is quick- non-invasive and long lasting. And more important, there is zero recovery time between treatments. What is Laser Toning? It is a tow part process that works by heating the dermis layer, which produces collagen. The dermis is below your top layer of skin, called as epidermis. The new collagen in the dermis will make your skin look fuller and tighter, and it will change the way your skin makes the melanin that is responsible for uneven coloration. Does Laser Toning Hurts? No! You might experience a tingling sensation or a sensation of heat due to laser, but surely no pain. It doesn’t actually damages the top layer of skin; it doesn’t cut, remove or burn your top layer of skin, but works through and under it, so it is pain free. Benefits of Laser Toning Laser toning won’t only treat your melasma, but it improves the overall appearance and texture of your skin. It promotes sub-dermal collages and improves your skin’s texture and tone along with its coloration. Laser toning decreases fine wrinkles and pore size and will give your skin a young glow. And though it usually requires about 608 sessions to appropriately decrease the visibility of melasma, the treatments will continue working under your skin even after the last session. If you suffer from melasma, or you want to get laser toning done due to its other restorative benefits, come in to Dr. Meet’s Clinic today.

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