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How to Find An Accounting Job in The Hidden Job Market in Sydney

Posted on 3 April 2017 | 7:29 am by

Unfortunately, finding accounting and bookkeeping jobs in Sydney is becoming more difficult. This is because there has been a rush to complete accounting courses by young people who have been told that accounting or bookkeeping jobs are easy to get.

This unfortunately is no longer the case and each advertised accounting job Sydney can attract hundreds of applicants within a very short time. There are a few ways to increase your chances of being the successful applicant for an accounting job.

 The first one is to try to find jobs before everybody else knows they exist. Accessing the hidden job market makes it easier for you to be noticed if you are simply one of 100 applicants.

There is a huge chance that you will not be the best however, you may have been a good applicant and able to do the job but 100 other people applying for the job means your chances of standing out very very low.

So the easiest way is to access jobs before their advertised is to start being proactive, and this means asking around talking to friends, looking on LinkedIn, joining group chats with people with similar interests or organisations with similar interests and it also means using the services of professional job seeking companies.

These companies include The Job Factory which specialises in finding accounting, bookkeeping and payroll jobs fast. It operates in every State of Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all the other states and it is often able to find jobs for its clients very quickly commonly within a day or two.

The Job Factory has published hundreds of reviews on its website that you can read to get an idea of how successful it has been at finding jobs. There are hundreds of job factory reviews for you to read and you will see that many people, many jobseekers have secured interviews within days, many within hours.

The good news is that graduate accounting jobs are among the easiest to get, senior audit roles or Senior management accounting roles are more difficult because there are always more juniors in a company than seniors.

There might be one boss and five juniors, for example. Payroll jobs, accounts payable and Accounts Receivable jobs or other accounting-related jobs that are popular and these entry-level jobs are highly sought after by young university students who are looking for their first job. So if you need help finding your first accounting job Sydney follow these steps and you will soon be on the road to your first job.

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