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Ben Navarro Meeting Street Academy to offer high quality education to underprivileged

Posted on 28 October 2016 | 9:59 am by Jeff Zadoks

Ben Navarro is the Father of Meeting Street Academy which has currently three schools to offer high quality educational opportunity to the underprivileged section. These schools are open to all the families who lack resources to educate their children. South Carolina has a very high poverty rate statewide. Ben Navarro is also the founder of Sherman Financial Group responsible for firm purchases, sales and securitization.
Ben Navarro is the instrumental figure in forming the group of three schools, namely, Meeting Street Academy, Charleston, Meeting Street Academy, Spartanburg and Meeting Street Academy at Brentwood. The school in Charleston is the real flagship school opening its door in the year 2008 where as the one in Brentwood opened its door in 2014 and is the free public school providing quality education to underprivileged sections. Among all the places, South Carolina is having the highest poverty rate when talking of statewide. There is low student achievement rate and thus Carolina has invested plenty of money to improve on the education quality. But all the efforts to fix educational system have mostly gone in vain. Ben Navarro Meeting Street Academy has tried to curb educational inequality to a great extent. But then, still the dropout rates in the under-privileged schools have increased. Very less number of elementary schools is there for students and Ben Navarro has made every effort to improve the educational scenario.
Ben has shared several statistics relating to the academics of Charleston County where it was found that students of Charleston County School District did not score enough marks to qualify for the SAT. Most of the students in the South Carolina come from poor families and thus they do not have access to educational resources. The Meeting Street Academy, the group of three schools, is proving instrumental in making students proficient in 3Rs.

Ben Navarro Sherman Financial Group is another effort made by Ben Navarro where he proves his immense skills in handling and undertaking financial matters. Being the CEO and the founder of the Financial Group, Ben Navarro is endowed with the task of firm purchases, sale and also the securitization of commercial and residential mortgages between 1988 and 1997. Have a look at the official link learn more. 

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