Why Is It a Good Idea to Move into a Vancouver Laneway House?

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Why Is It a Good Idea to Move into a Vancouver Laneway House?

Posted on 21 April 2017 | 5:56 am by

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To know what are the benefits or what are the good ideas to move into a Vancouver laneway house , we must know what are these amazing houses are and why to choose one to live in.

What exactly is a laneway house? Well, a laneway house is a typical type of housing that is also known as ‘granny flats’, ‘carriage houses’, ‘coach houses’ or even ‘Fonzie suits’. These types of houses are relatively smaller in size, they are detached, and the individual housing units that are built on the pre-existing lots. These houses are named as such because these houses are usually built in the backward or the laneways of its single family lots. This very idea of laneway houses in Vancouver actually began as an EcoDensity initiative by the former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan in December 2009.  This was meant to battle the housing affordability and also to increase the urban density in the city of Vancouver.

And from those days, the idea and adoption of these laneway houses has become quite popular in the Metro region in Vancouver. One of the man reasons of why it gained popularity is because of all the benefits that are being provided for them. The foremost benefits that they get are about the affordability. Owning a home in Vancouver is not at all easy for many of the young Vancouverites who are either living there or even working there in that city.

Even some of the sources say that building a laneway house can be just in between $250,000 - $300,000, which in fact is much more affordable than houses of the same size in the current real estate market in Vancouver. And this significance can also result in lesser and more affordable rents to live in.

It will be a great option to move into a Vancouver laneway houses as these houses increases the living sustainability in the city, as it tends to bring the entire community physically stronger. And because these houses are building more recently, the designs can never be boring or outdated. They are always fresh and in trend.

Everyone is in need of some private space, and these houses provide this to its people. By living in a laneway house, the people are able to have their own personal space without any disturbance from your neighbors. The ultimate thing is that, people don’t actually need a huge space in order to live a good life.

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