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How to select the right distance online MBA program

Posted on 13 February 2017 | 5:10 pm by

Masters of business management is considered as one of the most prestigious degrees on your resume. After graduation, the most obvious master’s degree to turn to is in business administration – or an MBA. In today’s competitive world, where the right opportunities don’t ever come by ‘luck’ or ‘chance’, it’s up to us to pave the way for success and equip ourselves with the right knowledge so that when the opportunities come by, we can take the leap and grab them!

The dilemma that students usually face is whether to pursue the course online or to take up a full time master’s course at a reputed college. The answer lies in your ‘need’ for the course, its availability in local colleges and the feasibility in terms of time, place and distance.

With distance learning, all these factors are automatically taken care of and you can take up a course at any time and from anywhere. However, here are a few things to understand while you select a distance online MBA program:

Online MBA accreditation

The very first step is to check if the school is accredited. If yes, you must also find out what organization is issuing the accreditation. This is because, some employers do not recognize degrees from non-accredited schools. Furthermore, not all accredited schools are equal. With an accredited school, you can be assured that the program is of certain academic standards.

Faculty and staff

Make sure that you check out the faculty and the staff that are listed on their website. Also raise a query whether the school’s regular staff will be teaching the online course too. Depending on the school, sometimes it helps having the same professors for both the courses – online and conventional. There must also be a faculty member for each subject to whom you can turn to in case of doubts.


It’s a good idea to check the curriculum and check whether it is same or at least similar to the one that is offered in class. Most MBA programs include the same study material and project work as the school curriculum. It becomes easier to design exams and assignments.


When it comes to online courses, technology plays a very important role. Some programs may have a facility where classes are conducted online. Students can then read study material, return assignments and watch the videos of the lectures. There is also a facility to participate in discussions. Technology helps increase the interaction between the faculty members and the students. So, it’s important to check what kind of technology is used to deliver the course.

Value for money

Online MBA’s are usually more affordable than the conventional classroom courses. The cost usually depends on the course you select and the college or university you select. Well, cost does not always equate to quality when it comes to making a decision. Online courses automatically have lower infrastructure and overhead costs and hence will always be priced lower than classroom trainings.

Finally, it’s important to remember that career advancement is the prime focus for selecting an online course. If it’s going to help you further your career, it is the right choice!

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